Microsoft’s Beam is now Mixer

Well, Beam didn’t last long.

Remember when Microsoft announced that they were going to touch up the Xbox One interface?

That update included some features that would allow for more ease of access in terms of a speedy operating system, and Microsoft’s new streaming platform: Beam.

Beam was supposed to be Microsoft’s version of Twitch, allowing Windows and Xbox One users to stream using tools made by Microsoft. For PC it might not make much sense at all, but for Xbox One users it means that you would be able to connect to Beam from your console and stream to it with the push of a button. Easy as pie.

But apparently it wasn’t good enough because Microsoft has not only updated the features, they’ve completely changed the branding, Beam will henceforth be known as “Mixer”. Why? Well, it has something to do with how Microsoft is trying to advertise this service which is by constantly stating how much it brings the gaming community together to be entertained by our peers on a day to day basis. It also has to do with a little feature they’ve added that, I won’t lie, is pretty cool.


That’s the term you use for multiple people who stream at the same time while playing the same game. What? You can already do that? Sure, but not all to one channel. That’s right, Mixer will allow multiple people to stream to the same channel, so people will be able to watch co-op streams while not having six tabs open to six different channels. This was stated on the Major Nelson blog: “Co-streaming doesn’t require streamers to play the same game or even do the same activity, and you can join a co-stream with friends who are streaming from different types of devices,”. This will allow for more of a complete bombardment of gaming entertainment in a more focused style, you’ll be able to keep up with up to four streams at once while your brain slowly melts from processing all the activity.

But seriously, It’s actually a feature that I never really thought of before but makes total sense. It’s, dare I say it, innovative. I’m excited to see what people will do with it.

On top of that, Mixer will allow for 4K UHD streaming, and there will also be a channel called Mixer Channel One run by Microsoft running 24/7 that will showcase content from the most popular channels. Kind of like a constant rundown of what’s going on at any given moment.

So, that’s Beam now, or shall I say Mixer. I’m actually impressed by this, it seems like Microsoft is really trying to step up and take a bigger role on the gaming side of technology. It took them a few decades, but they’re finally taking notice to the millions of people who use their operating system soley for the purpose of playing video games.

I don’t really have the internet to stream right now, but if Mixer is here to stay, you’ll definitely see me on there from time to time. When I get the bandwith.

So are you excited to experience Mixer? Do you think this is a good thing for the gaming community?

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