Microsoft Releases Beta: Minecraft 2

Thanks Microsoft for releasing this awesome new beta for Minecraft 2! SethBling was granted early access to this beta. He will show exactly how to play and access the Minecraft 2 Beta below. Are you ready to access and play the new Minecraft 2 beta for yourself? Awesome then lets get to it.

What an amazing sequel to one of the worlds most popular games ever! Microsoft has totally outdone themselves on this one, I mean the sky’s the limit and Minecraft 2 soars above. Here is the link to go and download the early access to the Minecraft 2 beta.

Click here for Microsofts Minecraft 2 Beta

There is only one problem it’s exclusive to Microsoft Excel. So you will need to have Excel to play the new beta.

P.S. – We feel bad about teasing you with this joke so as a bonus, the featured image on the first page is from an awesome youtube video and Iย suggest you check it out. The author of this video project did an awesome job.

See it below:

Slow clap for Microsoft!

Enjoying the new Beta? Let us Know what you think!
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  1. Now Microsoft is going to make a new Minecraft game every year, like Call of Duty! That’s fun right? NO IT’S NOT!!! Trollz.

  2. Thats how games work right… warframe is on patch 14.5 so that means that im playing warframe 14 the hunt for more loot.

  3. pretty much. yes. ๐Ÿ™‚ you are playing 14.5 while they are working on 14.6. usually they wont change a whole version number (like 15.0) unless there is something big. so in this case, minecraft 2.0 might not even get an alpha because the game is already released… it could skip straight to beta

  4. Is there something I’m not understanding with the way software versions work?
    To my understanding “software 2.0” doesn’t mean that it’s a sequel/successor to the original software, it only means that there has been a major update since it came out.
    Or simply put; minecraft 2.0 =/= minecraft 2

  5. Cameron Icarus Walker Travis Mourer Travv Caple Jesus Lopez Josh Allen Moore Jonathan Hales hmm, not sure what to think about the new minecraft

  6. sometimes. or it could indicate a full rewrite from scratch. wherein, the first version and the second version can exist at the same time and separately developed. its usually desided by the developer how versioning is handled. this post, however is a joke ๐Ÿ™‚ we were just having a little fun

  7. im aware of what it is internet guy, but his video is claiming to be something it is not normally means it is fake soooo yeah its fake regardless of you saying it is a joke its still fake their is no minecraft 2 thus meaning the false information you’ve given out is but a troll and nothing more good day to you sir.

  8. touchรฉ non-internet guy! not arguing, the post is a joke, the video is fake, THE CAKE IS A LIE! lol whatever, we just havin’ some fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ you did make us laugh by completely wonka’ing the end of your comment:

  9. haha well im glad someone got the reference lol and non-Internet guy? i dare not think of it i wear ethernet cables as chains and whatnot, and im aware of the fun as i have made my own out of the fun that was being had. ^_^

  10. ino rite? then ima make a suit of armor from old nokias and discarded motherboards i will be the winrar of the internet mark my words!!!!

  11. not click bait, thats a dirty word, we aren’t being malicious. someone took a lot of time to program that spoof, we are just showing it off. most of our stuff is 2 page stories. ๐Ÿ˜› REAL satire, faux product. lol

  12. we’ll try harder next time, we aren’t exactly the onion lol ๐Ÿ™‚ this was meant more for the fans to troll their friends by sharing it. most people got the idea. anyways.. it was meant to be serious until it was funny ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. That’s why I loved minecraft. Because the $#%&!@*ty graphics, it was able to run on my $#%&!@*ty computer. Now this? Microsoft you are the $#%&!@*ing spawn of Satan.

  14. I think you are high. Microsoft really doesn’t target FPS players with any of their other products. So why would minecraft be guns and shooting. What games has MS even made that are FPS? Just my two cents.

  15. If you guys actually clicked on the link, and watched the video before commenting, you would know that it’s fake, and it’s a joke….

  16. Lol what the flying $#%&!@* was that!
    All shenanigans aside, someone out did themselves with this spread sheet. Wish I coulda turned this in during Carson’s class lol

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  19. Nice joke but I’m sry it’s a fail first it says Microsoft instead of mojang second notch and Jeb would not sell there game

  20. Spencer Joseph Rud tells the truth, and notch doesn’t work for Mojang anymore either. The joke wasn’t a bust if alot of people fell for it.

  21. I hate microsoft with a passion, they just have to have everything dont they!!! Now theyre go off and make millions cuz they are just like bratty 7 year olds

  22. If this is actually true… Why the hell would they even make a sequel to minecraft? I’m simply calling bs

  23. I knew this day would come we at Zero Studio Hate how Microsoft buys series then ruins them they ruined a lot of games i liked even as a child they ruined Banjo-Kazooie with Nuts and Bolts This Tears it -CEO of Zero Studios

  24. You do know that half of journalism is “clickbaiting” right? It’s called hooking a traders interest. It’s why you watch video game trailers


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