Microsoft Patents Point to a Cool Notepad

The computer technology landscape is always shifting and changing with the times and new discoveries, so it should be to no one’s surprise that the future might just bring us a laptop with a screen on the top and on the bottom.

It’s been in talks for a while, rumors have bee floating around, but one thing is pretty clear: Microsoft is planning something new notebook-wise. Over the years we keep hearing about this digital journal concept that Microsoft wants to put out there on the market, but recently we’ve received some new information in the form of a patent filing on a device that has two screens and can fold. Not unlike devices such as the Surface laptop, Lenovo Yoga, except those don’t have two screens.

The idea in the picture depicts the device being used like a laptop with a touch keyboard on one screen while the other displays the information. The next picture has the device showing the time while folded over in the tent formation. It’s all well and cool, but I only have one question:

Will it work?

See, the great thing about keyboards is that you can feel the keys when you push them, you know you’re pressing a key down. And if you’ve used a computer for more than twenty minutes in your life, you can often tell which key you’re pressing down by the position relative to the center of the board. Now, I’ve never had the pleasure of using a full-screen touch keyboard before, but experimenting on my Surface taught me just how useful touch typing can be. Which is to say, it’s g*****n annoying.

I feel like I don’t have to explain this too much, you can guess the obvious problems, like how when you have a touch keyboard you can’t feel the keys, you don’t know if you’re pressing a key, and often you press a different key than the one you wanted to press. Then you have to find the backspace key, which has you contorting your hand to an approximate position on the upper right-hand corner of the screen just so you can accidentally close out the keyboard and start the whole process again.

And that’s not even to mention the fact that the entire time you’re doing this, your hands are slightly hovering over the keyboard, and your hands keep brushing the screen and accidentally offering input to the screen. So you’re typing along, you look away from your hands because you feel confident in your typing abilities, and then you click off of the window and you start pressing buttons that go in as keyboard shortcuts to zoom in 200%.

But what about the pen input? Won’t digital handwriting be the future? I’ll be honest here, I actually haven’t written much in recent years that couldn’t have been done on a computer. Any time that I need to write anything, it’s done on a computer. I have no purpose to sit down and handwrite anything, and even if I did, I’d use a computer because it’s just faster to type it out. If I want something portable to take notes in, I’d just use my phone. Phones are really the end-all mobile device at this point, your phone can do anything you need it to do. I don’t need an artificial notebook that I can look cool writing in.

What do you think?

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