Mercy Gets Some Changes

 Mercy is already a pretty essential character

Which is why it’s always kind of frightening whenever Blizzard decides to change her. Even the smallest tweak to anything could shift the current meta into a downward spiral of chaos.

But this time they’re not doing a little tweak, they’re definitely changing up the meta with this change. And it all has to do with Mercy’s ultimate ability, they’re changing it for what might be the better.

Alright, so Blizzard put out this ten-minute video explaining the changes and their reasoning behind making all of them. You watch it, and you see Jeff Kaplan saying a bunch of stuff like how Mercy’s ultimate needs to be changed because it drives the healer of the team to go away and hide for a little bit while the entire team dies within enough proximity of each other to allow the healer to resurrect them all in one take and have a good chance of demolishing the enemy team.

Obviously, Jeff doesn’t like that problem just waving in the wind like that, so he’s devised a solution that involves completely turning Mercy’s current ultimate into a secondary ability that is on a cooldown timer.

Wait, what?

Yeah, that’s what I said too. See, resurrect is now Mercy’s secondary ability next to the auto fly, but instead of having to fill up a meter it’s on a cooldown, and it’s also not proximity resurrection either with it only being single lock-on now.

Ok, that’s all well and good. But what’s going to be Mercy’s new ultimate ability?

Well, it’s going down like this: her new ultimate is called “Valkyrie” and it’s actually going to boost Mercy to borderline god-like status. She’s going to be able to fly around the map at will, and on top of that, all of her abilities are boosted. She’ll be able to boost health and damage more, do more damage, soar to players farther away, and her beam will also be able to do proximity boosting by having the beam chain to multiple players who are close by.

So the first thing I think of when I look at these changes is that this will give Mercy a lot more versatility. Before, resurrect was a move for a specific situation, the one being where your entire team has died close together and you need them back to push back the enemy. Now that strategy has become one where Mercy flies around the map, healing everybody, and using her resurrect on a player who was critical to the team. Say you have a tank, or a defense character, or say you have a critical damage player if they die in the middle of a push you can get them right back up and into the fight.

The ultimate itself also encourages a more skill-based approach to everything. Instead of just resurrecting players, you’re making the best out of the boost that you get, in the end, there’s just some extra stuff being added to Mercy making her a more interesting character to play instead of just a resurrect machine.


I think these changes should be welcome, as they create a new way to play Mercy without completely breaking her. Well, maybe we don’t know if she’s broken yet, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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