Meet Your Doom…

So…we have Doomfist

I gotta say, I didn’t expect this. Or at least, I didn’t expect it this early.

I mean, on the 4th we got the lore update from Blizzard detailing what actually happened when Numbani was attacked recently, with it all just being a plan to bust out Akande Ogundimu, AKA the most recent iteration of Doomfist.

The attack started with an unknown aircraft entering the airspace of the prison where Akande was being held. Scans of the aircraft showed no lifeforms aboard, but when it landed, Reaper floated out and proceeded to make his way through the prison, killing any guards who stood in his way.

After Reaper escaped with Akande, the traveled to Numbani where they recovered the Doomfist, and knocked out an army of top-of-the-line OR15 defense robots, you can observe the destruction in the attack spawn of the Numbani map.

This really got fans excited for a possible character release of Doomfist, and not two days later Blizzard delivered on that as yesterday Doomfist became playable on the Overwatch PTR.

I had some skepticism going into this, as I wasn’t quite sure how Blizzard would be able to release a balanced version of Doomfist while having him live up to the massive hype that’s been built around his character for the past year. But I had to give a try, so I downloaded the PTR again and fooled around with him in the practice range and online. After trying him out for a bit, I found something out. I found out that…I was kind of right.

So, of course, you can’t have a melee only character in a game where range and bullets reign supreme, so they gave him a short-range hand cannon on his non-fist hand which fires a burst of bullets that regenerate over time. But “f**k that!” I said because I just wanted to see how his actual Doomfist abilities played out, because that’s his namesake, right?

Well, I found myself a little disappointed at his abilities. Yeah, it was cool how you had a super-punch you could charge up, and an uppercut which sends you and your target flying up in the air, but as I experimented more and more, I found out that they aren’t really that effective damage-wise.

Really, his abilities are more for mobility than anything else, with his hand-cannon doing the majority of the damage he was capable of doing. And even the hand-cannon wasn’t all that impressive as it’s only really effective close-range, and even then you have to aim for the head to kill enemies effectively.

But ok, the guy does have a 3 star rating in difficulty, and it does make sense that in order to make the guy balanced they’ve gotta give him sort of a learning curve that sets the pros apart from the noobs so not just anyone can just go in and demolish the entire enemy team with the push of a button. Perhaps if I spend more time with the guy, I’ll figure out the best ways to combine his abilities and aim better with the cannon (which has a decently large spread, I might add).

All in all, none of this really matters at all. In fact, he might turn out to be completely different by the time he gets put into the actual game because remember, this is the PTR. Absolutely nothing is official yet, and they only just added him in yesterday. There’s no doubt that his stats are going to be played around with like a puzzle, with Blizzard trying to find the right combination of damage and abilities to make this guy awesome while not being overpowered (or the other way around).

So, what do you think? Have you been having fun with Doomfist? Leave a comment down below and like the post if you did!

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