Mass Effect: Andromeda Graphics Downgrade?

Mass effect Andromeda being out only a number of days has already collected many opinions about certain aspects that are unfavorable.

Checking out some reviews you can find that the ratings are only around 6-7/10. Of course, it’s good to let a game sit for a period of time, check out the audience, experience everything it has to offer, as of now the first impressions are kind of rocky.

More specifically, there has been some dispute over whether, like any big game that’s come out in the past five years, there has been some sort of graphics downgrade from what has been shown up to this point. Below are some screenshots that were taken during the development period in comparison with matching screenshots from in game.

Before: After:

You can see that there is a notable difference in the graphics in term of saturation, lighting, etc. But one thing to consider is that pre-release shots of the game tend to actually be cinematic, not exactly how the game is going to look when you play it. These shots have more shadowing and graphical detail because they need to make the game look good when they show it and they also can do that since they’re developing on powerful computers, but they eventually do have to make the game suitable for consoles and provide graphics options for people who don’t own supercomputers. Graphics have a tendency to change in development.

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