Mario Run Coming to Android

There once was an app that rocked the world with wonder and amazement. It l left citizens weeping tears of joy as they got down on their knees to thank the one company that made it all possible.

That company was Nintendo.

I’m kidding, of course, none of that happened when Mario Run came out. Well, there was a lot of happiness to the fact that Nintendo not only developed a mobile app, but it was also the closest they’ve actually come to making a game for mobile devices. But there is a reason why now this game has now started to peak my interest: it’s finally coming out for android.

After months of the app only being available on iOS, it’s finally going to be out there for everyone else on March 23rd with an update that includes new characters including an assortment of multicolored Yoshis. And just like the iOS version, you can download it for free but to play beyond the first world you need to pay up 10 dollars. But should I really need to pay 10 dollars for what is essentially a watered down Super Mario game? And it’s not even like it’s anything new, it’s just a standard 2d Mario game with fewer controls which leads to less freedom and less difficulty. It’s Mario for the lazy man who can’t be bothered to play regular Mario (and if you’re that lazy you probably don’t even have 10 dollars to begin with).

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I might be reading into that a little too much, though, I mean it is a mobile game which pretty much has defined itself as a genre that minimizes what a game actually is. I mean Nintendo has never been the kind of game company to just put their stuff out there anyways, and I guess the fact that they just in recent years began to even take notice of mobile phones shows that. I mean people have been begging for the ability to play Mario on their phones for years. Only in recent times have we just said “f**k it” and used one of the many functional emulators to play any Mario game up to the N64 Era. Granted that’s only the case for android users since apple doesn’t like it when people want to do anything that’s not on a little set list of features, but anybody who likes video games that much will have an android.

This is the weird thing about Nintendo. They don’t do things that make sense in the moment, it always seems like they have a master plan they’ve spent twenty years on in secret meetings all a month apart and in rotating locations. Ok went a bit too far on that one, but you get the point, they’re weird! It seems to me that Nintendo isn’t the company that does the thing you want them to.

It seems like they take all the feedback their fans give them, they say “alright, that sounds cool”, and then they’re like “but here’s this thing you’ll really enjoy. It’s not anything you wanted or could ever think you wanted, but here it is” and the thing does immensely well because it’s Nintendo, and even though it’s not anything you asked for, it’s still very well developed and is something that’s usually pretty cool. Nintendo will always be that quirky other-worldly company who’s actions confuse us because there is somewhat of a cultural gap between us. But we’ll always love them. Comment and like if you did!

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