Mario Odyssey Will Be The Best Since Super Mario 64

Here’s some good news coming out of Nintendo today.

While announcing their plans for the upcoming E3 this year, they mentioned that they will be including a playable version of the new upcoming Mario title: Super Mario Odyssey. This is really the first we’ve seen Mario Odyssey since that little bit in the teaser trailer showing off the city and some of the other environments, so this is reason for massive hype.

Mario Odyssey is being said by Nintendo to be a “sandbox adventure” game not unlike Super Mario Sunshine and, of course, the one that started it all: Super Mario 64.

That’s the part that really gets me excited for this game, it’s been a little while since we’ve gotten a game like that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love that Nintendo is always innovating, always trying to find a new way to blow people’s minds, but there’s no better way to do a Mario game than to make it open world. Since Mario Sunshine, the major Mario titles went from Mario Galaxy to more sidescrolling Mario, to Mario 3D world and land. Mario Galaxy was the game that spun 3D platforming into a kick-a*s new direction, and then the 3D games which took 2D Mario games and cross bred them with Mario 64 to bring us the hybrid¬†of Mario 64 movement along a set path to reach the flag pole.

I’ve played most of the other Mario titles, and no other game has really struck me as much as Mario 64. Although my first impression of the game came from the remake on the DS, but hell, they’re exactly the same, and I ended up getting the original cartridge for my N64 anyways. But the game, the way it dropped you into it and introduced you to everything so organically, it really felt like you were exploring a little world each time you went for a star, and you always did it your way. And that’s the beauty of it, you were never directly told to do anything in Mario 64, it gave you little hints on how to find out for yourself what to do and where to go. The names for the star levels in each world were related to the specific star you had to get, but it was vague enough to have you searching around for a little bit, making you think about exactly how you were going to finish the level.

And that’s just it. Mario 64 isn’t just a 3D open world-like adventure, it’s also a puzzle game. Each world was created in such a way that you could basically go out and get any star you wanted to, and there were specific ways to get there. Of course, sometimes that meant you had to get one star before you could get the next, but that’s just part of it. Everything goes together just so, and you have to figure out how you’re getting the pieces back together so you can collect the stars and get to Bowser so you can blow him up and save Peach.

So, yeah. Mario Odyssey is definitely going to be something to admire. I mean, It’s Nintendo! Most everything they make is pure gold anyways, they virtually cannot mess up.

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