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Mario Kart 8 has been one of the most well-received games in the Mario Kart series in quite some time. Everyone loved the first DLC pack, but have you gotten a chance to play the second? Not sure about purchasing it quite yet? Maybe we can help you make your decision.

new characters


Some new characters and vehicles are available with the second Mario Kart 8 DLC. In the first DLC, we saw Link, Cat Peach, and Tanooki Mario.


  • Villager (Male or Female)
  • Isabelle
  • Dry Bowser


  • City Tripper
  • The Streetle
  • P-Wing
  • Bone Rattler


new course



The Mario Kart 8 DLC pack also includes two new cups, the Leaf Cup and the Bell Cup. Together, the cups add a total of 8 tracks to your Mario Kart 8 content.

  • Animal Crossing – This course changes seasons, which is an interesting touch.
  • Big Blue – This track is a speedy, twisty course from the F-Zero franchise.
  • Super Bell Subway – This one has lots of different pathway options, similarly to Yoshi Valley.
  • Wild Woods – It looks more intimidating than it is, so don’t fret. The course is fairly difficult but it is also a lot of fun.


  • Baby Park – Since it was originally in GameCube’s Double Dash, you may remember this one. You have to go around a very small track 7 times.
  • Cheese Land – This one was from GameBoy Advance. It is not one of the most memorable courses, in my opinion.
  • Neo Bowser City – This course was on 3DS, but it is an entirely different experience on Wii U. Get ready for a lot of twists, turns, and speed boosts.
  • Ribbon Road – This was also originally on GameBoy Advance. Your primary concern here is making it past some creepy jack-in-the-boxes that resemble Bowser Jr.’s floating device.

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