Mac Pro: Apple Admits, “Wrong Move”

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Remember when there was a time that people everywhere on the internet were arguing, slandering, and holding debates about which was better Microsoft or Apple? Or better question, Mac Pro or Windows 10.

Oh, wait. That’s still going on.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided that in the lack of sufficient news today, I’d weigh in on this issue. Not for the hell of it though, I got this idea from a piece of news that wasn’t worth making its own article about, let me tell you about it.

And you gotta promise to read to the end. Trust me this isn’t going to be a crap fest on Apple, there are two sides to everything.

So this week saw Apple doing something no one would have ever thought possible under any circumstance.

They admitted they were wrong.

Now I know some of you may not have understood what I said, those words don’t tend to go together. But it is true, heed my words, Apple can do wrong, and they did.

Ok, I’ll stop being like that.

But yeah, Apple came out and admitted that the design they used for their most recent Mac Pro model was actually not as innovative as they once thought. They came to realize that the triangular shape of the Mac Pro essentially prevented any kind of upgrading and didn’t really account for shifts in technology. They promised to put out a redesigned Mac Pro later this year, and in the meantime, the 2013 Mac Pro has had its price cut down a bit.

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So why is this interesting? Well, the thing about Apple and the thing Apple wants people to think about Apple is that Apple always innovates. And when everybody thinks Apple innovates, it becomes an issue when they don’t innovate. Or rather there isn’t an issue because Apple can get away with anything. Apple has built up such a cult over the years that they’ve transcended the computer market and have become something that could be considered godlike. No one person looks at a Mac Pro and thinks “that’s just a computer” no, they look at it and a beam of light shines down and the aluminum casing glitters while it bathes in god’s sight. Ok maybe I went a bit too far there, but you got to look at Apple, the products they make, and then look at Windows.

Computers that run Windows are what they are. There’s nothing too special that differentiates them, there’s not even anything special about them at all. They are made to be used. Apple products are made to be desired, every product Apple makes has a lightbulb coming out of a faucet because that’s how they sell innovation. They take the specs of a mid-range desktop, add some aluminum, take a bite out of the Apple, and add a few zeros to the price. And the funniest thing is, you can’t do any more than you could on a PC, in fact, you’re only able to do less! Apple holds such a tight grip on their community that no feature gets put in unless Apple says it’s okay. They don’t want you to ruin the piece of art they created by downloading an external program, it would be blasphemy. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Apple is up its own a*****e so far that even China would be lightyears away from the ideas they get in there.

Whew, that felt good. But now people are mad at me. Huh. Well, I could say the reasons why Windows products suck.

Yeah, I’ll do that.

There are many problems with PCs, the main one being the fact that since September I’ve had to replace my desktop’s motherboard, power supply, and graphics card after it only being a year since I built the d**n thing. These parts can just fail with no rhyme or reason, unless you catch a virus which I’ve done with a few hard drives, in fact I had to throw away my other one because Windows thought it wasn’t genuine, so the only logical thing for it to do was to maul my hard drive until it wouldn’t even boot. And what about Windows 10? The operating system that is constantly using up either all my RAM or all of my hard drive so either way, it’s impossible to play a video game? There’s a lot of things that suck about PCs.

More reason why PCs suck have to do with what’s so good about Apple. Apple products are actually pretty excellent for the general populous, as long as they can afford it. The big reason people use Apple products is that they’re just easier to use. Theses products are made with care and quality, you don’t have to worry about your system being bogged down with unnecessary bloatware, the system won’t suddenly stop working from a Windows update that occurs every other minute, and you literally can’t catch a virus either. Another thing is that Apple products are very media focused. Probably the best way you can create music, videos, edit photos, is probably on a Mac Pro. And sure, they’re expensive to get, but they do last a while, I’ve got a friend who’s been using the same Mac Book Pro for about 4 years now and it still runs pretty smooth.

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I guess what I’m gonna close out with is the obvious conclusion, comparing Apple to Microsoft is like comparing Apple to an orange. It makes no difference because in the end they’re used for two different things. It’s no secret that it’s always better to play video games on a PC, and the best media tools are on Mac Pro where it’s just formatted differently as to encourage that.

So which is better? Which ever one you want.

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