Lords Of The Fallen And How To Take Down Your Enemy

lords of the fallen

The latest trailer for CI Games’ Lords of the Fallen sets the backdrop for protagonist Harkyn – an evil man sent to destroy evil forces.

So I’m not totally sold yet but the Lords of the Fallen is looking to be a pretty badass game. This gameplay video of one of the big boss fights that is pretty standard in the way you have to put out the fires to distract him and while he goes and re lights the fire you then attack him.

But the quest and the large and killer weapons you are able to get a long with crazy sick a*s magic spells along with the variety of potions is pretty d**n sweet! The massive environment and large beastly enemies is what makes me want to get Lords of the Fallen and become Harkyn. The visuals are quite amazing and let you feel as you are a part of his world.

How to take down your enemies:

Lords of the Fallen comes out on October 28 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you would like more on Lords of the Fallen click here.

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