Looking at PUBG’s Upcoming Map

You already know how much I love PUBG

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m talking about it again.

But what today? Well, this is on the topic of the new map that’s being developed for the game, and it’s set in the desert.

To me, one thing comes to mind when I hear that, what about the water? Will there be any water? Well, yes. Kind of. See, there’s just going to be a river down at the bottom of the map, this will all but eliminate crossing treacherous¬†bridges or choosing to brave the river and hope you don’t get shot. In fact, here’s a rough layout of the map:


Yeah, so as you can see, this map is actually going to be the same size as the current map at 8×8 kilometers, despite rumors that the map would be 4×4 kilometers. Well, it actually¬†was going to be 4×4 in concept, but they eventually scrapped that because when you have 100 players on one map, it helps if the map is somewhat massive.

Personally, I think making a relatively smaller map to play on would add to the experience. Having 100 players on the current map is a good setup, it’s a fair way to do it with the safe zone and the timers. But if you put 100 players on a smaller map, that would make it more intense, right? I mean, from the looks of this map there’s going to be a city and subsequently, there will be buildings we can go up and hide in, I think that would make it a different and more hardcore experience for those who want it. Bunching up all the players raises the pressure, and there could even be more loot and a higher damage output to…you know…make it more hardcore. I can see it now…people with barrels of sniper rifles with 8x scopes just watching each other…waiting to see who dares cross the street..hundreds and hundreds of bandages and energy drinks at the ready…both for them and their character, of course.

It’d basically just be a different mode, and they could even develop more maps with different levels of difficulty. Maybe they could make a more casual map, how ever you could make that happen. I don’t know at what point the game would deviate from its core idea, but I think a lot could happen with this game in the future, though it kind of plays off of simplicity a bit, though that could also be the fact that it’s still in development.

The point here is that the map looks fun, and though it’s apparently “months and months” away according to the unknown player himself I think it’s going to be a good thing for the game. I hope that Brendan continues to make cool content for this game, cause I’d hate to see it fizzle away in the next few months, it’s a fun game.

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