Let’s Talk About Moira

Ideas don’t come from a vacuum.

Both a classic saying and something that really applies to the new Overwatch character that was just announced. Who else but Moira, the new healer/support/Symmtra/Reaper/Ana/Zenyatta/you get the point I’m trying to make yet

But who is Moira? Moira doesn’t have the most interesting story or the least vague one. She was a doctor researching genetic engineering but was dismissed by her co-workers when she published a controversies paper on Genetic programs which could alter, at a cellular level. from there she was picked up by the overwatch “Black watch” division and continued her research away from the public eye.

But what I’m trying to get across is that I don’t think the design of Moira is really that original. She really just seems like a hybrid of a lot of other characters. If you don’t believe me then just look at her abilities:

Biotic Grasp: Moira shoots a beam from her hand that can heal allies and drain

Biotic Orb: Moira shoots an orb that as it travels either heals allies within its grasp, or damages enemies

Fade: Moira teleports a short distance away

Coalescence: Moira shoots a long-range beam that heals allies and damages enemies even past barriers

Do you believe me now? Biotic Grasp is just Mercy’s hen beam combined with Symmetra’s main attack, the Biotic orb is reminiscent of Zenyatta’s orbs, she can teleport like Reaper, her ultimate is the on ty thing that interests me, and it is because it’s a huge beam She shoots out of h hands, it heals allies greatly, and damages enemies just as much. And that’s not even to mention the “shoot everywhere” philosophy that’s tat on right from Ana.
But it’s not this that’s making the community doubtful of the good doctor. it’s how overpowered she looks. Of course, we haven’t had any chance to use hear yet, but all you got to do is put a little brain power into it. She has both short and long range attacks, all of her abilities can both heal allies and damage enemies, and her ultimate is a death-ray that heals your team. In my opinion, Moira is just a more exaggerated version of Ana. like I said, that “shoot everywhere” philosophy they’ve adopted here will draw people to her, they’ll spam everything all the time because no matter what you do, hit an ally or enemy, it’s gonna do something.

So in theory, Moira is going to be the easiest and most powerful support in the game. Although we don’t know about her exact damage output yet, I’d say it’s fair to be a bit worried, hopefully, that all goes away once we get to test her on the PTR servers soon.

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