[LEAK][Update] What’s Rockstar Games Hiding?! – GTA5

gtav grand theft autoWe have reported earlier on the new Grand Theft Auto V new enhancements for the next-gen consoles but there seems to be a leak on Reddit that has been taken down. Luckily our friends over at IGN snatched that info like a squirrel in a nut factory! I’m going to leave out the stuff we talked about earlier, but if you want to read more about it, you can find it here:

[Trailer] What Sucks About the New GTA5 Upgrades? I’ll Tell Ya…

So on to the new features!

Click Here to See the List of Improvements that Rockstar Took Down from Reddit

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  1. Yes but expecting it to work on very old hardware is like asking a Toyota to be as powerful as a new Ferrari …. Unfortunate they did “lie” but that’s sale pitching inflate your product so people buy it welcome to the market…

  2. It’s not bs… Like I’ve commented before not defending them but that’s like asking a Toyota to keep up Ferrari can’t expect to run the game well on 10-15 year old hardware

  3. Accept the old consoles limitations go buy a new one or a PC if not take what the old consoles can do nothing much you can do… Can’t force a gun to shoot a bigger bullet. Not defending them but it should NEVER have been released on old consoles just like bf4 this is the problem you console people have you expect a machine with outdated parts at launch and want it to max out games for 5+ years


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