Killer Instincts Newest Fighter Isn’t Cinder, It’s Maya Hell Yea!!

Killer Instincts Newest FighterThe season 2 of Killer Instinct is looking pretty d**n good . And as you probably guessed from the title Killer Instincts newest fighter is Maya! Now with Maya returning with her daggers it looks like the competition just got a little tougher!!

The dagger-wielding, Amazonian princess Maya is returning to Killer Instinct, developers Microsoft and Iron Galaxy announced during their Evolution Championship Series 2014 panel in Las Vegas.

They went on to explain that Maya’s fighting style will be a high-risk, high-reward one centered around a pair of daggers–dubbed Temperance and Vengeance–which she can use as projectiles and “juggle off of her opponent’s face.”

Click here to read more about the character’s moves and abilities!

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