Kero Blaster Review

Do you like sidescrolling 8-bit retro games? Kero Blaster reminds me of the original Duke Nukem… but with a frog… This action shooter will bring some nostalgia to gameplayers but it doesn’t make too many references to old games. The leveling and weapons are a little more complex and while the 8-bit graphics may make it feel a little outdated, full redemption is issued when coupled with the unique gameplay.

The bosses and enemies tend to fit perfectly in the levels as the game gets harder with each advancing level. Don’t worry though, checkpoints are plentiful and your points save as you die, making it easier to level up and get past that “hump” that you are stuck on.

If you would like to see this game in action, check out the video below from GameTrailers:

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What’s your favorite game that ‘nods’ to old school gaming?
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