Is THIS the new Super Meat Boy?

The end is most certainly neigh…

…but only as Edmund Mcmillin would have you believe.

Recognize that name? Correct! That’s the guy who made the most appreciated and emotionally draining platformer, Super Meat Boy almost seven years ago!

Today, July 12, marks the special occasion of having his newest game come out, The End is Nigh, which takes that awesome Meat Boy platformer feel, and faces it in a new direction. In the game, you play as Ash:

                                                       ^This guy

What is Ash? Well, unlike how we know that Meat Boy is…well…meat, we don’t really know what the hell Ash actually is. All we know is that he’s one of the last remaining living things in a world of utter destruction. We don’t really know why the world ended, but we’re fine with it because our mission is to jump, slide, and work our way across the land to collect hundreds of tumors Ash can use to eventually make a friend. Along the way you can also find an assortment of old video game cartridges, each one containing its own fun little minigame you can play. There are over 600+ levels to play, and they don’t end after a single screen either.

You might think this game would be pretty linear, it being a 2D platformer and all, but actually, there are many different endings you can get, a lot of them hidden away so only the best can find them.

No, I didn’t just type a bunch of jibberish, I’m not kidding. This game looks pretty amazing though! Mostly it looks like it’s the same platforming as Meat Boy, but a little different. In this game, you plod along, jumping across gaps and hazards trying not to die or else you go back to the beginning, but everything is engulfed in a dark, black, ambience, and in place of regular wall jumping you have little hooks on the sides of platforms that you can hang on and jump off of to reach other platforms, sometimes even jumping to a previous screen to get to an area you couldn’t get too before!

Like Meat Boy, it’s a game you’ve got to play carefully, or else you’re going to die, a lot. But like Meat Boy, that’s kind of expected. I mean, these games are based around figuring out the levels and determining where exactly you have to place yourself when you exactly have to jump, and how hard you should be throwing yourself at gaps and enemies. All so you can make sure you can get to the next part of the level that’s going to be even harder.

The 2D platformer has kind of gone out of style at this point, but it’s developers like Ed who really redefine the genre and create a game that really looks amazing, and is immensely satisfying, making you perfect your platforming skills with each level you play. Is it d**n frustrating? Of course! But is it fun as hell? You bet.

Pick this game up on the Steam Store for $14.99 today, I promise you won’t regret it!

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