Is This the End of GTA Modders?

People get really freakinangry…

You know, what I’m talking about, right?

Yeah, the cease and desist that was sent over to the developers of one of the greatest third party tools of the past decade, OpenIV.

For those of you who may still have their head stuck sixty feet into some sand, OpenIV is a tool that allows people to develop mods for both GTA IV and GTA V. People have been using it for years, creating all sorts of awesome and funny mods that add a lot to the single player experience. Unfortunately, with every great program comes disadvantages, and in the case of OpenIV, there were a lot of people developing mods for GTA Online. And that’s never good.

So Rockstar and Take Two issued a cease and desist to the creators of the program, basically saying that unless they take it down and stop everything, they’re going to seriously f**k them up. Ok, maybe not that, but going to court is never pretty. So obviously they took the easy way out since they wouldn’t have gotten anything out of resisting. That really sucks.

But let me make this clear….

I’m not going on a rant about this. Mainly because that’s not what this blog is for, this is a place where I examine the issue from all sides and give the most unbiased opinion possible. So here goes:

I get it. I completely get why they did it. It f*****g sucks, but I get it. You’ve been on GTA Online, right? There are actually plenty of idiots who use hacks to get infinite money, cars, yachts, houses, and the like. That’s not even to mention the rest of the idiots who sit at their desks smiling, biting their lower lip, and completely peeing their pants over how they’re teleporting all over the map and killing everyone on the server perpetually, thinking that they’re some kind of cool badass since they had the ability to download a stupid program. I know those people exist, you know those people exist, and Rockstar all too well knows those people exist.

This act was for them.

That’s not to say that there isn’t some bull in all this. I mean, I’ve already talked about how awesome mods are, and how they increase a game’s lifespan tenfold. I still go back and play Skyrim six years after the fact because there’s just so many mods that you can download and combine together to create what is, essentially, a different game! And the fact that Rockstar is acting towards the minority of people who use this program for evil actually warrants a kind of outrage, because humanistically, they should have just let it go.

Every game is prone to hackers, it’s pretty much a given. And I’m completely positive that this will barely slow them down, they’ll most likely have another program out before the end of the month, it’s just that now it’ll probably go through a vicious cycle of popping up, being taken down, then popping up again. And the source will always remain anonymous.

I’m thinking that this was just for their image though, making it very apparent that they are very against hackers, and OpenIV was just collateral. Except it was huge collateral, because now everybody with a keyboard is raging and leaving a s****y review everywhere they can find a place to.

I think I already know your guys’ opinions on this matter, but after reading my thoughts, what do you think?

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