Is The New Battlefront 2 Just A ‘DLC’?

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming!

What? It already came out? More than a decade ago?

No, I’m talking about Dice! They’re making a sequel to that game they made that a lot of people hated!

What? You don’t care because you hated the first game?

Oh, well that makes sense.

But let me just tell you about how there’s a trailer for it out right now.

It shows off a bunch of cool stuff like people fighting and space battles and stuff blowing up as well as a new character who is most likely the main character for the campaign. It also shows a multitude of characters including Yoda, Darth Maul, and even Rey and Kylo Ren! So the new game will apparently span across the entire story as we currently know it. And from what it seems we’ll be pulling from the original BF2 while we follow an Imperial soldier through an untold side of the Star Wars saga.

Oh, and everything looks super f*****g beautiful too. And it’s not like it’s all cinematic, it’s all actually game engine footage! Though I suppose that shouldn’t be too surprising considering how visually stunning the first game was.

But there is the question that is now haunting everyone’s mind, will Dice make it good? Because there were plenty things wrong with Battlefront 1 that really cut the game down a bunch of notches. I’m not sure if it’s due to the overwhelming nostalgia of the original series (I actually never played them) or if it’s mostly due to the idiotic way Dice tried to reboot this beloved franchise.

Probably the second choice.

See, the original Battlefront games had a way of making it feel like you were part of the cause, fighting a war on one of two sides trying to exterminate the other in b****y battle. There was also the campaign mode which in the first game just took you through a series of battles following the Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil War, whichever one you chose, while the second game had you playing as a veteran stormtrooper recounting the battles he fought with the empire.

In Dice’s Battlefront, there wasn’t even a campaign. All the game had were multiple multiplayer modes and a survival mode in which you defeated waves of enemies while defending a base. I guess not having a campaign isn’t the worst thing in the world, but there wasn’t even enough content in the game to warrant paying full price for the thing, which I don’t even know why they made it like that. The game obviously did not have that much content, I guess they wanted to sell it on the Star Wars brand itself and the legacy of the earlier Battlefront games.

That’s not even the end of it, they decided that they should have a freaking season pass for the DLC. So you’re already paying too much money for an all multiplayer game, and then you jam $50 more into Dice’s butt to have the full game; that is way too much money to be paying for something like that. Just look at Overwatch, $40 for the base game, and all updates are free. The only thing you pay for in that game is loot boxes which you get for free anyways. Could Blizzard be counting on a much higher player base to break even? Perhaps, but Battlefront is still a big title, and what Dice did was kind of a “f**k you” to the fans of Battlefront. It probably wouldn’t even have been too terrible if they had only made the gameplay more than just “run around and shoot things while douchebags stay back and hog the hero tokens” but alas, it simply was not to be.

I could probably go on, but you get the gist of it. Hopefully this Battlefront is more than what the first one was, and hopefully, Dice has learned some kind of lesson from the previous game.

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