Is Team Fortress 2 Doomed!?

team fortress 2 doomed
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Since there is a severe lack of any good news on the day I write this, I thought it was finally time to give myself an opportunity to do a purely opinionated article to write.

So we’re talking about Team Fortress 2.

Primarily, we’re going to focus on the question of whether TF2 will go away anytime soon.

For almost the past decade, TF2 has been one of the most popular first-person shooters out there, and it comes as no surprise to anyone since everyone’s favorite game studio, Valve, created it. The concept started off as a simple class based shooter using the source engine in the late 90s, since then it has evolved to a point where it’s one of the longest supported first person shooters ever made. It’s gathered one hell of a fanbase, and with that much attention, it’s only logical that it developed a decent competitive scene as well. The very fact that this game is still popular today really says something about how well the game was made.

But even so, after almost ten years you’ve gotta be wondering about the state of this game. Is it still holding up? Do people still play it? Is it going to go away soon and fizzle into nothing? Well, for one thing, I can promise you that a lot of people do still play TF2 regularly, but there is a state of mind going around that TF2 is either dead or dying.

TF2 is not dying.

At least it’s not dying as fast as you think it is, it’s not going to go away anytime soon. TF2 is still one of Valve’s focuses, maybe not as much as in past years but it’s still very much supported. They’ve been pushing out updates for this thing for the past decade, the most recent big update being the Meet your Match update which added in competitive matchmaking. Valve is still committed to supporting TF2, which is the first reason why it’s not dying. Valve obviously still cares about the game, if they wanted to move on they would have done so a long time ago, but they’re in for the long run, they want this to keep going. And from the two Youtubers who visited Valve HQ a couple months back, we know that more big updates are coming soon. The fans who still play the game want it to keep going too, TF2 is the fifth most played game on Steam right now, miles ahead of a lot of other first person shooters out there.

And as long as we’re talking about the community, there’s still a great many people who enjoy all things TF2. In fact, people are making their living on Youtube solely by playing the game and being good at it while providing a fun and/or interesting experience for the viewers. Such people include Youtubers like Muselk, Uncle Dane, NISLT, STAR_, Jerma, and even a new kid on the block who’s content I’ve taken a liking to, Sir Stanger. These guys use the game as a medium for entertaining, funny, and interesting videos which make them money and consistently help keep the interest in the game ever strong. TF2 gave these guys a way to live their passion, and with some exceptions (Ster and Jerma) these guys are still making videos today. And Sir Stanger, while still making fun content like the others, has taken to more of a conversational approach where he’s made several videos where he talks about popular TF2 topics including the question of its future and a possible sequel to the game. If you’re interested, I seriously recommend you check this guy out:

And all this is not even considering the massive item economy that has developed over the years. There’s a lot of players with a lot of items in their inventory, and some of them are worth hundreds of dollars. Nobody is ever going to leave a game when they have that much money invested in it, and if they were to leave they would feel inclined to liquidate, and that won’t happen until something else makes the game shut down, and we already ruled out the developers doing that.

So in my opinion, it’s safe to say that TF2 is going to be around for at least the next few years. It’s not every day that you see a game like this come out and be this successful, so I think everyone’s going to milk this for as long as they can.

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    • Same, but to a degree … I think it’s also good to be an observer and understand it’s wonderment. I mean in my opinion it’s legacy will out last Overwatch due to the time and somewhat cartoony nature of the characters that at times was pretty much a sitcom with battle fighters.

  1. Not even close. I’m on every day and it’s very active. I tried over watch and it’s not as fun. I have a harder time finding a full match in over watch than tf2. Plus it has hats. Hats are amazing

  2. Overwatch murdered TF2. TF2 should’ve picked up the pace in innovation and change instead of having their developers being unable to count to three or add content once a year. Overwatch hasn’t reached a year yet and has added several new maps, heroes, modes, server browser, skins, character buffs and nerfs and a competitive mode in less than a year.

    • Yeah no, It takes me ages to find a game in overwatch compared to TF2. You cycle through like the same 5 maps in quick play and the new uprising game mode is like a one time play and that’s it. Meanwhile team fortress 2 has a ridiculous amount of replayability, LOADS of maps and is still constantly being updated

      Don’t get me wrong Overwatch is still pretty fun but in absolutely no way did it even leave a scratch on Team Fortress 2

    • I feel that tf2 is a bit more diverse. Sure there’s a meta for most of the classes but there’s so many different play styles for each class that you’ll never get bored

    • One small fact people seem to ignore is that the month after overwatch was released the amount of players on tf2 spiked. Overwatch didn’t kill tf2 in fact it helped it it a bunch. I think sir stanger did a video on that subject.
      Another thing is that the games are very much different, considering tf2 may have less classes but more varied play styles. The introduction of different weapons change how you play drastically, like how simply changing your soldiers secondary from the stock shotgun to the gun boats (makes you take less rocket jumping damage) can change how you play the class completely.
      So using the overwatch has more characters isn’t much of an argument when compared to tf2 having more variety.
      From a pure opinion standpoint I think overwatch is a great game but only for 100-200 hours, since that’s as long as it takes to get to at least diamond. I’m still new to tf2 and I have almost 700 hours, there is so many rocket jumping and trimping things I don’t know. Hell I can’t even c-tap.

  3. Look, as an active TF2 player on the competitive scene for 7+ years, this game is dying. Overwatch is everything this game should have been and more. The comp is better, the community is better, the development is better

  4. Tf2 has been receiving major updates and it’s even on its way to getting a major update within this year
    Fans are awaiting the last issue of the comic as well
    I give it several more years to go


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