Is Star Citizen The No Man’s Sky We Wanted?

Oh, Star Citizen.

The game that has been in development for forever, the game that literally promises the universe.

I admit I bought into it, I bought a ship, but I didn’t go as crazy as those guys who are buying $300 ships. That just kinda seems stupid.

Anyways, today we have some information on the next big update that’s going to be coming out for the game: Alpha 3.0. Chris Roberts, the creator of Star Citizen, said that his update will be a major milestone for the game. He says it offers a “giant jump in gameplay potential” and also that he believes Star Citizen is the most ambitious game ever to be made.

The new update will bring the game’s “Planetary Tech” into a live build which will let you fly through space and visit planets and moons you see along the way No Man’s Sky style on foot or in a vehicle. So far there are only three moons that you can visit, Cellin, Yela, and Dayman, but the plan for the future is to bring in all the main landing zones for Stanton as well. In addition to the Tech, there will be a new system implemented that enhances interaction with NPCs.

It’s good to see that the game is still developing well, but you’ve gotta wonder how the game will do in final release considering all the yelling and screaming that was done over No Man’s Sky when it launched. No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen have a very similar core, you fly around space in a ship, you can visit planets and interact with people. The thing that sets these two games apart, though, is that Star Citizen is more like a simulation while No Man’s Sky is more of a game. See, for Star Citizen, they’re trying to build a full universe with a multitude of fleshed out locations. They’re trying to make this as physically realistic as they possibly can, which is why they’ve been using large worlds and physics grids to simulate seamless transfers between zero and regular gravity.

So what are the issues? Read on below…

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    • Star Citizen looks good but it is very system intensive. I can play ED on Ultra at 60fps but SC stutters and drops fps all over the place. Frontier sure know how to optimise!

      • Umm… frontier know how to optimise a game with pretty much standard graphics… Graphics are ok. Not groundbreaking. I like Elite and I play it in VR… but I don’t play it for the graphics. Star Citizen is Alpha… do u understand the concept of Alpha? Typically Alphas are badly optimised. That’s why Alpha isn’t Beta or Gold.

      • It actually has nothing to do with your computer. It’s the backend netcode which isn’t optimized yet (but is being worked on). 3.0-3.2 are the patches that are supposed to be addressing that issue. The major issue was making it so that your computer and by extension the servers weren’t updating you on something that was happening 1 million kilometers away every 5 seconds. That’s the lag you experienced.

        Object container streaming and network bind/unbind are two of the things that should fix that problem and increase FPS

      • There is little point optimising a game still in Alpha, waste of resources. Also, ED is so “optimised” it runs on consoles, right? People need to think before they post a comment.

    • Ken, that’s not from the graphics card struggling. That low frame rate is a network side issue. You can have dual titans in a system overocked while being cooled with liquid nitrogen and you would still get around 30fps. Currently the game is stupidly bad optimized, like your pic is calculating every shot and continues to calculate it as it’s flying away for a long time and does the same for fights you aren’t even a part of. Once they optimize it, I’m sure a 1060 will run it fine. 2017 it’s not actually that hugely graphically pretty. Still good, but it’s not that demanding. I would nearly say a ps4pro could handle it.

    • Elite is finished you nub SC is in alpha. And Elite has f**k all for content lmao o let me go get resources to upgrade my ship by a roll system and let me do it over and over because that’s literally all the game has and is. And before you come at me with some bullshit I played since the beta of elite and the GPP on the s**t box. Elite is nothing compared to the plans that SC has. Even if the Elite will be out years before SC SC is d**n near neck and neck with elite with 3.0. And SC is still in alpha.

    • They’re not even taking that long, most games are in development for pretty much the same amount of time it’s just that CIG have been completely transparent with their development where as other games company’s won’t even announce the game until they’re sure there’s about a year left until release.

    • 3.0 first tech of planetery landings and the entire Stanton system end of June after they release 3.0 and the planet tech it should be a lot easier to release the other updates after

    • It was planned to be persistent when I dropped almost $1k on backing a game that looked to be amazing. And it still looks to be amazing if they ever draw a line and say “ok, let’s finish what we have and stop adding stuff so we can release the game.”

      • They’re not adding anything. They’re hard at work implement the things they’ve spoken about. There are quite a few dev technologies that no one has ever tried before or tried on this scope. It takes time. 5-7 years isn’t unheard of for a AAA game. Especially when you’re getting a 2-for1 deal

    • You really have not been watching what they have been doing have you? Look at the history of CIG as a comoany and the backend systems they are putting in. It only makes sense

    • The problem is you the fans. It’s a money spinner. And he knows the longer he drags it out and the more things he offers the more money you will all throw at it.
      I hope it’s a great game but the fact his primary motivation is cashing in doesn’t fill me with confidence.

    • So just asking your expert game development opinion, how long should a game like this take to develop, test and iron out all the bugs take? Name a game of this scale that has done it in under 5 years!

    • GTA V was 4 years wasn’t it? Given that the current version of SC is hardly massive by any means how long do you think is acceptable? Looking on their own site there is zero sign of a final release and they will still be in the current alpha stage into next year

    • GTA V was made in house by an established company. Star Citizen has been outsourced, realised that was a mistake, had an organisation built from the ground up and that’s before you start thinking about feature creep and the various mistakes that have happened along the way.

      It’s been far from perfect but it’s understandable in the circumstances.

      I do think they’re taking the p**s with some of its funding but if people want to throw money at it it’s their choice I suppose.

    • Gta 5 was 5 years to console, 7 to PC. Made by an established big studio.

      SC is 4.5 years so far.
      They started from zero, had to build the studios, teams, and they are building a much more complicated game.

      I’d say they should be close to finish in another 2 years.

    • I just said this in reply to a previous comment;

      “They’re not even taking that long, most games are in development for pretty much the same amount of time it’s just that CIG have been completely transparent with their development where as other games company’s won’t even announce the game until they’re sure there’s about a year left until release”

      If you actually look at how advanced and the kind of tech that they are using to make this game you will understand why it’s going to take time, but in comparison to some of the s**t that’s come out recently that’s had a similar amount of time in development, they’re doing everything perfectly in my eyes.

  1. You know I don’t really want to buy a high end pc to be able to play games like this. Either console developers need to keep up or these games need to be more widely available.

  2. Heres the truth. The game was not in full production at first like it is now. As the company was being built which took first three tears to become solid, they outsourced a lot. Sadly outsourcing was not the way to go, and CiG had to scrape some of the work. Now its all in house. 2.0 was released about a year and a half ago. 2.0 till now there has been major updates to the back end systems, and some are still coming online. As these developing systems come obline we are going to see major game chunks thrown into the universe. There is open development for the multiplayer side, and clised developement with teasers for SQ42. I have full faith CIG can pull it off. If you really look how CiG built thwir company and look at how they are making the back end systems… there is no reason to not worry.

    • As much as I want to believe that I can see they spent over a million on the building alone, and that f**k door cost $20,000. This is backers money for development of the game and instead they have pumped it into the business, comforts and art decore and that’s only the parts we have seen of wasted money. It’s going to flop and never be people’s expectations.

  3. The no man’s sky I wanted was a vast universe or Galaxy I could constantly discover new things and arts and people and chart proper star charts for other people to use, there isn’t much point in going planet to planet… There isn’t anything there you don’t have on your spawn.

  4. “The problem I see with it is that they’re not really marketing the game at all” <<< You want them to Advertise it on street corners and in Imax theaters? A game that's in Alpha state? You want them to brag about how great it's going to be Sean Murray style? SC is a very open development and gaming sites feature it frequently. They don't need to be heavily promoting it at this stage. It gets daily promotion on Facebook.

  5. Well I don’t think the current build is that promising from what I have seen. I’m sure with more time and dedication it could be the best space sim of all time. But Elite Dangerous is very close to what Star Citizen wants to achieve. I hope either one of them or both achieves the goal. But Star Citizen is still a long long way off. Might see the first Beta in late 2018 or 2019. I reckon the first stable and semi bug free version might be out late 2020. If they don’t run out of money before then. I wish them all the best and I will buy it, if they deliver.

  6. In a word; yes.

    The release is still a fair way off. They won’t tell us how long because they are focused on releasing a work and great game instead of meeting a publishers arbitrary timeline.

    If you have a potato you are boned, but if you have a decent rig you will finally get a game that will make the most out of it.

    Just don’t back it now and expect a final game. If you back now, it might still be cheaper than the finished game will be (haven’t checked lately) but yeah. Pretty much just a demo at the moment. Although I think there is some cool stuff coming out in 3.0 which should be soonish.

  7. The game really has not been in development that long. I know that’s a tag line that draws people in (like me) but it’s simply a falsehood. SC/SQ42 has been in development for as long as it has taken other big budget games to be completed. Hopefully we don’t ever get into Duke Nukem territory but if we do. THEN you can say it’s taking forever

  8. They are not good at marketing? CIG is a master of marketing, the money that has rolled in is proof of that. What they *do* suck at, is PR.


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