Is GameStop S******g Gamers?


If you think Gamestop is your friendly gaming retail store and is all about hooking you up, Then I recommend you open your eyes and read this. I just finished reading and all I have to say is WOW was I wrong.

There are people sitting around a conference table determining how best to monetize fun. It’s been obvious for years that games are often consumer products that exist as a way to separate us from our hard-earned money, and we accepted this relationship because we place such a premium on our own entertainment. However, there comes a point when a line is crossed and those idealistic dreams we hold dear–that games are more than cash vacuums–are dashed. GameStop, the corporation that serves as the gatekeeper for so much of the retail sector, has disclosed plans to invest in the development of games. Those pre-order bonuses that dangle precious content above our heads like a carrot taunting a hungry donkey may be influenced by GameStop if their goal is realized.


GameStop CEO Paul Raines spoke to Time about their plans in a recent interview. “I do foresee a world where we can help facilitate create [sic] great content,” Raines admitted. Pre-order bonuses have been used as an incentive to rope in those who crave an undiluted experience for some time, although the origin of such content has never been fully revealed. There was no way to know if the development team was behind such practices, or the marketers who control the outward message. We just knew that certain content was being held hostage unless we ponied up our money before a game was even completed, and had to stomach this questionable practice if we desired a complete game. Any illusion about who controls the strings has been dashed with this revelation from Raines. It’s GameStop that not only wants said bonuses, but is willing to facilitate their creation.

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Is GameStop S******g Gamers?
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