Intel Wants to Double Number of Women in Game Development by 2025


Intel Corporation wishes to double the number of women in game development by the year 2025. The game development industry has been widely dominated by males, but the people at Intel think that this needs to change. The company has always wanted more women to take part in game development, yet they have not taken the steps that they are willing to take now. In lieu of the complicated Gamergate fiasco, Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, recently announced that the company would be launching a $300 million initiative to promote diversity in the industry. The CEO also specified that the campaign will help fund programs that promote a more positive image of diversity in video games and technology.

During GamerGate, Intel was one of many targets. The company pulled ads from Gamasutra, which earned some harsh criticism. The company was accused of pulling the advertisements in order to decrease the website’s income. Intel later reinstated the ads and apologized, but they are now taking it a step further. The corporation wishes to portray itself as a female-friendly company. Intel acknowledges that diversifying the industry will have a positive impact on women, minorities, and the industry itself.

The corporation is working with different partners, such as the Electronic Sports League, the International Game Developers Association, and Feminist Frequency. Intel believes that these partners will have the ability to help them create programs that enhance women’s opportunities in the game development industry.

They want to make a difference and try to improve diversity, not just with gender, but diversity in general,” said Kate Edwards,who is the executive director at the International Game Developers Association. “The program’s goal is to double the amount of women working in the game industry in the next 10 years, by 2025. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish here and that’s what we’re focused on.”

The Electronic Sports League also has high hopes for Intel’s initiative.

That having been said, the competitive gaming community is not without its issues, particularly when it comes to women in eSports. We’re talking about a scene that is dominated by young males — online, in person at our events and in business. In many ways this makes it difficult for some women to find their place, which is a real shame considering gender really shouldn’t be playing a role here. Everyone is free to game and to compete. That’s the message we’re trying to send,” said Anna Rozwandowicz, who is the head of communications at the ESL.

However, Rozwandowicz also specified that the problem is not getting women and minorities to become involved, but to get others to accept them once they are included.

The problem isn’t in getting people in; it’s in accepting them once they’ve arrived. Sadly not everyone will be supported equally by the community along the way. That’s the gaming and eSport community’s problem. That’s what we’re trying to change,” she stated.

Intel is leading the game development industry in a very important movement to diversify the workplace. The company and its partners hope that we will begin to see some changes by the end of year. We can only hope that they reach their goal to double the number of women in the industry by 2025.

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