I’m Thinkin’ I Got This – Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer

With all the Destiny I’ve been talking about here you’d think I’d said all I can about it. Well, maybe, but as long as new things keep coming to light, I will talk about Destiny forever.

So we just got a teaser trailer for Destiny 2, which apparently is the official name confirmed by Bungie just recently, featuring the ever wonderful voice of Nathan Fillon starring as Cayde-6 who is shown sipping a drink and talking about how he had a shootout once in a bar.

Spoiler: he’s sitting in that very bar. Anyways, apparently the last city is in some deep doo-doo right now. What trouble? Well, I guess we’ll have to find out when Bungie and Activision release the reveal trailer for the game on Thursday. They still haven’t really specified a release date yet, but considering the poster that was leaked and the consequential announcement of Destiny 2 last week, I think that merits the date on the poster being correct: September 8. Although that was a foreign poster so release times may vary based on each continent.

But the news doesn’t end here, we also have info that Destiny 2 will contain PS4 exclusive content for a limited time, though the content has not yet been specified, we’ll probably learn more soon. This makes sense considering Sony made the same deal with the first Destiny on PS3 and PS4, making Xbox players wait an extended amount of time for the DLC, this is also probably going to be the case with the beta for Destiny 2 which will most likely go on this summer, going to PS4 first.

So are you excited? I sure as hell am! If you are, like the post, comment, do whatever. I’ll be sure to keep updating you.

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