IBuyPower Team Unbanned?

Either play the game…or don’t

Have you ever been playing an online multiplayer game, been having fun using your built up skill and knowledge to crush the enemy team, just overall having a great time? Have you ever then just had one person just completely ruin all that fun, all because they just wanted to win at any cost?

Yes, cheaters

In this case, we’re not talking about ‘hackers’, or ‘script kiddies’ as they’re sometimes known as. No, we’re talking about match fixers. These are the guys who intentionally throw a game in exchange for an amount of money that would negate the need for a competition. More specifically, CS GO match fixers receiving stuff like skins in order to let the opposing team win.

A couple years ago players from a competitive CS GO team, IBuyPower, were banned from future ESL tournaments on the grounds of throwing a match. They were banned indefinitely in 2015 both from future tournaments and their accounts on Steam. Later it was revealed that they were banned permanently.

It was announced very recently following multiple changes in the ESL cheating guidelines and a survey conducted that had the general public voice their opinions on aspects of cheating, that on August 1st these players would be able to compete in large scale tournaments again. Although ESL has forgiven them, Valve still has not, as any Valve sponsored events still hold the guidelines that ban IBP players from entering.

What are the new guidelines? Check them out on the next page.

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