I Haven’t Gotten Over It Yet

This story starts with me being bored on a Saturday.

When I told my friend I wanted to play the newest smash indie title on Steam, Getting Over It with Bennette Foddy, he laughed in my face. I guess it had something to do with the fact that I famously get p****d off, I’ve punched my computer on occasion due to absolute BS in certain games *cough* (PUBG).

But I wasn’t going to let that rattle me, I was determined to play this game for one reason: It actually looked pretty fun. Fortunately, the game is eight bucks, so my wallet didn’t suffer much for my curiosity. No, I suffered quite a bit. Let me explain.

The first thing you’ll notice about the game is its controls, or shall we say, lack thereof. Yeah, you got a hammer you can swing everywhere, but the thing is, you have one hammer to swing everywhere. And it’s not exactly easy to control the d**n thing, if it was, I assure you I would not be here talking to you. No, the developer of this game put most of his time into making sure swinging the hammer was just effective enough to work, but bullshit enough so that one lost swing could land you at the bottom of the giant pilon of nonsense you have to get over. I guess he spent most of time there considering all the assets in the game are supposedly taken from the internet (I saw some good old Half-Life 2 barrels in the background)


The second thing you’ll notice about this game is the beautiful narration that plays seemingly whenever you unwittingly f**k up and end up back at the beginning. More often than not, you hear the voice of Bennette Foddy telling you not to get angry, and to press ever onwards. Obviously, it’s meant to p**s you off, I wonder how many death threats this guy has gotten…

Two types of people play this game. There are those who jump headfirst into the experience with high hopes and low patience. Those people last right until the first time they fall more than twelve feet down, on occasion those people actually make it to Devil’s Chimney (you don’t want to know). Then, you have the people who want to enjoy the brainlessness they think will come from a game that seems to have little cap for skill, but then figure out they have to play the game like surgery in order to have any sort of effect on where you end up at the end of your play session.

Getting Over It is a game best played when you don’t want to get over something. If you have a plan to play this game and finish it sometime in the near future, I suggest you get a game that at its core isn’t supposed to be pure bullshit. See, this game isn’t to be played brashly, in other words, you don’t simply play Getting Over It, you have to literally get over it. The game intertwines itself with your emotions, taking to you to that brink where you just can’t take it anymore, and then it pushes you further. What I’m trying to say is that this game is so difficult, you’ll overcome your own anger in the process of beating it. To play this game you either have to be chill as f**k, or ready to embrace the demons inside you.

But despite all the endless climbing, sliding, falling, swearing, the game actually holds some fun between the pages, offering just enough incentive to not press the quit button in the menu, that incentive being: bragging rights.

Yeah, you got me, I just want to be able to say that I beat the game. After all, isn’t that the entire point of it all? I need to actually get over it. I mean, I’ve heard about people who speedrun this thing in minutes, how the hell do they do that? Anyways, go check the game out, I recommend it. After all, we’ve all got something to get over, am I right?

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