It’s hide and seek

In a big, empty, island. Well, it’s empty until 100 players are air dropped onto it and are told to kill each other.

It may sound like a premise for…well, Hunger Games comes to mind. But this is much better than that, it’s–



And today, I’m going to tell you how to play it.

PUBG is an interesting game, as it has many aspects that make a survival type game really fun to play. You get a giant map, lots of locations, vehicles, guns, and things to scavenge for as you go town to town. But it’s not like you’re protecting yourself from the zombie apocalypse, you’re just biding your time until you have to come face to face with other players as the map size continuously shrinks. And that’s what makes this game rather unique.

Dropping into an island with a bunch of guns and enemies, you might expect that the best way to go about this would be to charge forward and kill anything in your way. Let me tell you,



If you do this, you’ll die instantly. Trust me, I’ve done it a few times, it doesn’t work out unless you’re a god with the mouse and keyboard. But hey, maybe you are a god, in which case, why the hell did you click on this? You probably are number one in the world.

No, the best thing to do in PUBG is to do the thing I said to do in the tag-line.


I said before, it’s a big-a*s game of hide and seek, and the best way to survive is just purely to hide. Of course, I should elaborate, hiding isn’t everything you should be doing. You should be playing cautiously, what I mean is that you should be looking everywhere, judging your surroundings, and always looking on the horizon. Always looking on the horizon, I can’t stress that enough. There is no heat map, so there’s no seeing anyone at any time unless you see them physically. This is also why I play with my volume turned all the way up, if there’s a gunshot in the distance or footsteps right behind me, or a door slamming shut in a house I thought was abandoned, I want to know about it.

Avoiding main locations on the map helps too, if you airdrop in a big town where everyone else is dropping too you’re basically screwed. The best thing to do is to airdrop near one of the key locations on the map, see how many other players are dropping with you, then re-direct yourself to a smaller location nearby so you don’t get annihilated right away.

If you happen to get some good gear right away, awesome. If you manage to get a vehicle, even better. The way to stay alive for a long time is to stay frosty, and always, always, look on the horizon. The map is so big anyway that if you just zip around in a vehicle, you’re basically good if you stay away from the bigger towns and areas. That’s how Twitch plays PUBG has managed to get as far as top 50. The moral of this story is, PUBG is not Call of Duty.

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