How To Be a Professional Gamer

So, you want to be a professional gamer? Do you have a team that dominates?

Ok, we are about to talk about something that’s on everyone’s mind, “How can I become a ProGamer.”

As we all know, there is no easy way to be a video game tester. There are college degrees that you need, lots of schooling you have to go to, and THEN you have to find a job at a video game developer. That’s not really playing video games for a living.

Sports Illustrated: Video Gamers
[Image from Real Time with Bill Maher]

THERE IS an easy way you be a ProGamer though… ALL you have to do is be frickin’ awesome at video games and join tournaments. There are tons of tournaments happening every week all over the world. If you join one you and win, you can end up with THOUSANDS of dollars.

Here are a few tournaments that are happening soon:

So if you are ready to play for a living, tournaments like that are your best bet!

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