A game that has gained immeasurable popularity over the past few months. Well, I say immeasurable, but it has been measured, and the game has sold over 7 million copies and has surpassed 1,000,000 concurrent players on Steam. And with the game costing $30, you can bet that Brendan Greene is quite a rich man at this point with it also being on the top sellers list.

And that’s not all! With a game this popular, you have to expect console ports, which is why soon enough it’ll be available on the Xbox One and Xbox X when it eventually launches. So far it’s being called exclusive for the Xbox, but I imagine that it’ll make the move to the PS4 eventually.

But with all this hype and sudden popularity, you have to wonder, how long is this going to hold up?

There are quite a large amount of games that acquire a following within the first few months of their launch and then just taper off into nothing over time, sometimes it takes a year, sometimes it only takes as long as a month. But most of these games are hyped up and then don’t live up to the anticipation, PUBG is quite the opposite. The game started as a mod, got popular, and then eventually became its own game through a Korean publisher who picked up the unknown player himself, Brendan Greene. The game hasn’t even been officially released yet, with it still being in early access and receiving a constant stream of updates.

But I can think of a few ways that this could go downhill…


As it is now, the game is pretty fun. Aw hell, it’s awesome. It’s got pretty much anything anyone could want, a large map to roam around, loot to go around and pick up, vehicles to drive around, and a competitive aspect that also allows you to team up with your friends and kill people in either third or first person.


But the thing is, it’s a relatively simple concept, and there’s not a huge amount of depth to the game outside choosing a good drop zone and being cautious. I mean, you can get to the top 10 by just avoiding everything and hiding in one spot. Eventually, I’m pretty sure people will get bored of it unless the game keeps adding new and interesting content to keep it fresh. I mean, how long can you loot the same places only to have the possibility of some jackass coming up behind you and shoot you, throw a smoke grenade, and then chuck Molotovs through the window?

But I don’t think new content is really an issue, at least not for the near future, as this brings me to my next point:


The gameplay only does so much to keep people engaged, which is why recently they’ve included a crate/key system to further the community economy around the game. You play the game to earn points which you can then spend on crates that contain one of several cosmetic items. You then spend more points either through the Steam market or the game to buy keys to unlock those crates. Now, this has been proven to be a great way to keep players interested, as they can play the game, customize their character to their liking, and maybe even get some cash on the side from trading and selling unwanted cosmetics. You look at CS GO and you see knife skins being sold for hundreds of dollars on the market, these are just cosmetics! It’s insane what people will do to make their character look a little better with digital items that could disappear at a moments notice.

But this could also completely flop if PUBG doesn’t receive very good cosmetic items, or enough to warrant the economy existing. A community workshop would help with this problem, they could get the community to come in and submit cosmetics for the game.

Hopefully PUBG will stay fresh for a long time, it’s a really awesome game to mess around in and take only as seriously as you want to. People analyze every aspect of the game in order to have as much as an edge as they can, keep adding to the depth and this thing could become even more massive than it already has.

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