How Good is the Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer?

Multiplayer in Call of Duty has always been the center focus of every company’s efforts. They know that it’s all the fanbase cares about, except for maybe the zombies, but even that takes the backseat to the cancer that has become Call of Duty multiplayer.

Which is why I’m not surprised that the multiplayer is the best part of CoD WWII, I’m a zombies fan through and through, so coming from me that means something. When I play CoD multiplayer, I want to sit down, turn off my brain, and shoot things while aimlessly running through a map. I wanted nothing to do with anything more complicated than that, which is why I stopped playing the game when jetpacks got added in. Then they started to do weird s**t with loadouts and weapon unlocks and microtransactions and the franchise became something that was just in it for as much money can be sucked from the parents of twelve-year-olds.

We’ll probably never get back the glory days of CoD, namely, Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. Black Ops 2 was a pretty viable sequel to the notorious number based 2010 title, and everything after that pretty much fell flat. However, CoD WWII has a multiplayer mode that takes things back, changes them up, and presents everything in a cool new way.


Being back at the basics, going back to what war actually is, that limits the developers to a particular era, in lieu of taking the franchise into hypothetical territory where any laser-beamed piece of metal can be called a futuristic weapon. Adopting this concept forced the developers to make the best WWII game they could. And they did, although it’s only as much a WWII game as a Call of Duty game can be, which is why we’ve still got supply drops with cosmetics that will probably contain weapons later on. But outside of that, the little things they changed in the customization of multiplayer loadouts is a nice step into taking this franchise in the right direction.

I like having the perks be limited, instead of having four or five or six f*****g perks, you just have the division and training. And then we have my favorite feature: the gun at the end of the tunnel. When you play matches, you level up your division. When you prestige the division, you get a special weapon specific to that division. It’s an incentive to keep playing the game, you gotta get all those weapons unlocked!

Yeah, it’s not groundbreaking, and it’s sad that this is celebrated in games now. It should be a normal thing, why wouldn’t you have a reward for hard work that you put into playing a game, it’s the way to have people continue playing the game, more people will play the game, you can sell DLC and they’ll buy it because they want to keep playing the game. I remember back when I used to play Modern Warfare 2, the level cap was so high it felt like you reached Valhalla by the time you unlocked the AK-47. You had sunk so many hours into playing the game, and you got a weapon that only those with immense patience and skill will receive. That only worked, though, because of how stupidly long it took to prestige. I sunk so many hours into that game and I only reached 1st prestige.

Wrapping this up, Sledgehammer did something that you don’t see a lot of in the Call of Duty franchise, they did something original. They took the classic formula from the old games, and they created something that was the same, but actually a little different, no matter how little it may be. Is it perfect? Hell no, but It’s a step in the right direction. I hope.

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