How Destiny 2 Is Going To Decrease Lag And Rely Less On P2P

If you’ve ever played an online game in your life, you know that peer to peer connections are absolute crap.

It’s kind of the cheap way out, when developers don’t wanna bother with servers. It works up to a point, but there’s really no substitution for a good dedicated server.
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Why am I bringing this up? Well, because of Destiny 2. You probably know how the first Destiny had peer to peer connections, which made things sketchy a lot of the time while you’re out there on Venus or whatever wrecking some Fallen’s s**t.

In Destiny 2, however, Bungie is going to be changing up the online system. And while the connection won’t be to a dedicated server, there’s going to be some updates that will allow for a much better experience overall.

Wait, so there aren’t going to be dedicated servers, but it won’t be peer to peer either?

Yeah, but hold on, there’s much more to explain here. Read On…

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  1. Article is not entirely correct. D1 had dedicated servers mixed with P2P. Some things were on dedicated servers while others were P2P.

    The whole destiny experience is on this hybrid system. The whole idea for D2 is to reduce the activities that use P2P a d move them to their dedicated.

    It’ll always be a hybrid system because that’s how they accomplish being able to have you go from one instance to another, leaving some players and finding new ones in a new instance. You wouldn’t be able to do that with a dedicated server.

    • Before any of the Crucible changes I was able to do that because I majorly lagged, so I just made friends take me in because it was sooo poor that I couldn’t matchmake. Bad Juju was great because I’d get bs kills and still super SPAM! Hehe.

  2. That’s the exact same setup destiny 1 is running on.

    People were commenting about not getting Destiny 2 because of no dedicated servers. There isn’t a real server.. Its a cloud based hosting..

    This is damage control to ensure more people wouldn’t back away from the game due to lack of servers.


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