How Anti-Gravity Made Mario Kart Better

There is nothing like playing a competitive game of Mario Kart and the game has really took strides in evolution into what it is today!

How did they make Mario Kart Better? One concept that really took the designers for a loop (pun intended) was, “How can the ‘karter’ control gravity?” The hardware was ready for it, the graphics were good enough but messing with gravity was a bit of a challenge. At first the gravity changes were forced but that didn’t quite work out the way nintendo wanted it. After all, the thing that makes Mario Kart fun is the ease of use at high speeds. Not being able to control where the cart goes would leave too much restriction. Thats how antigravity made Mario Kart better.

So what other concepts went into the development of Mario Kart? Obviously we know the result but how did it become the game it is today? To get the WHOLE scoop, check out this awesome article by Jose Otero over at IGN

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