Honest Video Game Titles – Part 4

mass effect eyes

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, so I looked for three games that I could totally rip on, here’s what I got:

No. 10: Mass Effect: Andromeda

Whether you’re glitching through unloaded NPCs or you’re busy smiling because your dad is dead, Mass Effect: Andromeda has not had the launch it wanted to have. There have been many complaints about the game’s graphics, stability, and most of all its animations. I mean, these problems are starting to reach critical internet status because of how utterly dumb they make the game.

mass effect eyes

That being said, however, Andromeda is not that bad of a game. It is kind of hidden under the bugs and animation, but once you get there you see how the game actually has a pretty great open world aspect combining with superb combat. As a pathfinder, you have a range of abilities that can be customized in literally hundreds of ways to provide a unique playstyle that suits you exactly as you play through the game.

And it’s not like they’re not looking at feedback from the community, they recently released a patch that fixed eye shading that made NPC facial expressions much more realistic instead of looking like a mask has a moving mouth.

So the title I’ll have to give this one is:
Mass is Defective: Emotions Aren’t Real

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