Honest Video Game Titles – Part 3

Hey guys, welcome to the new and improved Gamer Demon Elite!

While you may notice nothing different from anything else on the site, there is a new writer in town. And I was thinking, a good way to get to know me would be for me to explain three games of my choosing, and the honest titles I think they deserve.

As for the numbering, this will be a continuation of the previous two articles.

So let’s get started!

Number 7: No Man’s Sky

Here’s an interesting one right off the bat. Because really, this game was a PR nightmare. The game was originally pitched to be the ultimate exploration game where anything you laid your eyes on was accessible via flying around in a space ship. Exploring infinite terrain on an infinite number of planets in an infinite number of galaxies in the infinite procedurally generated universe was almost too much for the minds of gamers when it was teased in late 2013. But all the seemingly empty promises the face of Hello Games made during all the demos and interviews prior to the launch really put players down when the game actually did come out.

Having said all that, the title I would have chosen would have been something like “the empty promise”, but with the recent update actually putting a decent amount of new content into the game, I’d chose the more apt game title:

Honest Video Game Title
“Beta 2.3”

While the game didn’t live up to half of what was expected, content is coming out and Hello Games said that they are paying careful attention to any and all feedback being made about the game. Is it complete though? I think it’s getting there.

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