Honest Video Game Titles – Part 2

Here is a new bag of games that should have their title changed. We hope you enjoyed Part One of our Honest Video Game Title series. Share and like these posts on Facebook and Twitter and we promise to continue making more:

No. 4: Evolve

So, basically, humans colonize a planet full of giant monsters that breath fire. Now hunters are gathered to eliminate the threat? So… let me get this straight, you are killing seemingly intelligent wildlife native to the planet you invaded because they don’t want their home taken over? Seems wrong. I’m totally on the monster’s side here.

Honest Video Game Title:
“Kill Things for No Reason”

Game Footage:

Even in this cinematic you see a monster, just chillin’ there, eating a late night snack and all the sudden it gets attacked by these four douches with weapons. WTH?! Can’t a monster have the munchies?!

NEXT UP: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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