How Many People are AGAINST Net Neutrality?

You all remember the freakout over Net Neutrality that went on over this past summer, right?

Huge thing, it was pretty unanimous across the nation that Net Neutrality was the way to go. Funny thing is, some people seem to think that they are all that matter, and the public is collectively not smart enough to make these decisions.

What do I mean? I’m talking about the millions of fake comments that were left on the FCC’s page for opinion that all supported the repeal of Net Neutrality in the same exact way. It’s kind of laughable, really, if you look at the comments, they’re all structured exactly the same way, really lazy if you ask me.

But don’t take my word for it, take his, Jeff Kao, the guy who conducted research on this s**t and found that at least 1.3 million of the 22 million comments left on the site were fake comments left by the FCC themselves in order to skew the data. But it’s not an exact science here, and I don’t even fully understand exactly how he did it, but he ran a few algorithms on the number of comments with like-wording, duplicate comments, and clusters of the same opinion, and came up with a graph that showed the most common phrases and meanings used in each of the comments.

Following this mass collection of data, it became pretty clear to Kao that out of the 22 million comments the unique call for keeping Net Neutrality completely dominated the call for a repeal. The comments that were actually for a repeal were mostly either duplicate comments littered throughout the page, or clusters of very similar comments with phrases probably generated by an algorithm. Comments that were against the repeal were more unique, thus they weren’t caught by Kao’s algorithm that grouped duplicates and clusters together.

In the end, it’s estimated that about 99% of the real comments left were in favor of keeping Net Neutrality the way it is, accounting for only about 800,000 of the 22 million comments left that weren’t made by the FCC themselves.

I don’t think I need to say how s****y this entire thing is, but I’ll say it anyway. I mean, I guess you can’t really be surprised about this conclusion, but it still rightly ticks me off how they just have such a blatant disregard for the public’s opinion on the matter. The only opinion they care about is the opinion of capitalism, any way they can suck more money out of the general public is the way to go, am I right?

I don’t mean to sound like a government-hating gun-toting hillbilly who wants to move to Alaska to make a TV show where I pretend I don’t live off of the government, but they just really need to f**k off. The internet is a utility, it is not something we should fight for, it should be something that we should have unlimited access to, especially considering all of the job opportunities and jobs already out there that rely so heavily on the internet.

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