Hatred Game – The Most Violent Video Game Ever!

The Most Violent Video Game Ever
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You are about to watch a game play trailer that just might be one of the most violent games ever made to date! Warning If you are NOT a fan of game violence please DO NOT watch this video. You will be extremely disgusted with this hatred game. If you are fine with that and want to learn more, watch the game trailer on the next page.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Watch The Most Violent Video Game Ever

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  1. Okay, I have to be honest. There is NO untrodden ground here. I was able to stomach my way through the first Manhunt game and I still insist that is the most violent video game ever made.

  2. yeah but at least they weren’t innocent, they were gangs or something right? i mean, your goal here is to mass murder… no reason… idk, bad credit score or something… its kind of disturbing to play that character. maybe graphical violence, Manhunt has the upper hand, but there is something more psychologically wrong with this game if you ask me!

  3. oh man, you must have a strong stomach! lol i can’t think of any as bad as this… i’m just concerned that this game is going to be the next example in the “war against violent video games”

  4. Ok ok ok I stomach this $#%&!@* cause I have played a mass multitude of games just like this does anyone remember that one mission from the modern warfare series where you had to kill innocent people for makarav yea take a look at that and compare that to this with out the execution

  5. Lol yea but in mw2 there’s this mission where u kill people in Russia to prove a point but that’s a motive in this game your motive is to kill everyone before you die just because you was abused by daddy(jokes) I mean there so much talk about this game and I’m like look at gta v

  6. In the instruction manual, it states that bowser used magic to turn the residents into the blocks you break throughout the game

  7. The violence doesn’t bother be.. However, the context of the violence bothers me. Killing in videogames is all well and good (in my opinion) as long as there is a good motive like the story to provide adequate context for why for example, Kratos in god of war is ripping of heads and bathing in their blood ( the Poseidon fight at the beginning of 3 was so epic along with the hades fight). Or if the game is trying to make a statement or commentary on government or society (see: Gran theft Auto) however this game does neither, advertising itself as “pure fun” to say this game will push the boundaries of good taste is an understatement, this game should get the AO rating.

  8. Well somebody p****d in that guys cereal executions are a little violent but running around killing people is in just about every shooter game

  9. Not a big fan on the camera angle especially as a shooter. Its harder to aim without just spraying…. but id def play it XD

  10. The hype is real.
    Violence wise, it’s not the worst I’ve seen in media, games or movies and TV. As far as people claiming to be offended by this, my question is “is this the first game you’ve played?”
    Mortal Kombat features x-rays of bones being broken, every shooter out there (Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc…) features shooting people. Most sandbox games feature killing for fun (GTA).
    This looks like Diablo with people replacing demons.

    Meh, it’ll be another Manhunt. Get media attention for a week, then get buried in a sea of other games.

  11. Not as bad as manhunt to this day that game still stands tried and true in my heart as being bad a*s and violent this really doesn’t have anything on it in my opinion

  12. I think that its going in the right direction with the smaller kill scenes but just a run & gun genocide is kinda tarded. I mean I can get that if I was playing as somebody who just lost all touch with sanity then yea but this is too cliche

  13. I’m a huge fan of violent video games but this game is just a wtf were they thinking this game makes every GTA, mortal kombat, call of duty, resident evil, etc. not look so bad. Man hunt was very violent but there was a plot to it. I like how they try to go in the different direction with this by relating it to real world concept, but being the character that does a genocide , now That’s just $#%&!@*ed up.

  14. It’s the killing itself that disturbs me, but the fact the only thing you do is kill the innocent. That’s the whole purpose of the game. You can’t compare GTA, CoD, or MK to this because in those games the killing has purpose behind it. I’m not talking about in GTA when you decide to kill random people, that’s an option. In Hatred its not. That’s the whole purpose.

  15. I wouldn’t call it “the most violent video game ever” but it is still disturbing in the sense that the violence is tasteless and pointless. In call of duty you are fighting armed enemies who are trying to kill you, in gta you don’t have to kill civilians, and in mortal kombat you are fighting an opponent that fights back with the same degree of violence.

  16. Violent, yes. The MOST violent? Not even close. It’s no were near as bad as everyone say it is. Not even close.
    Looks fun though, too bad it’s for PC.

  17. *plays GTAV- Kills random people steals cars and kill cops*
    *hatred-kills random people kills cops the most violent game* ….
    Yeah …. No …

  18. If you dont like it, turn your face in the opposite direction and ignore it. This game is going to make so much money because every ignorant jackass on the face of this earth is going to attempt to get this game banned. Which in turn will only increase the popularity and media coverage of this game. Y’all are basically writing its propaganda.

  19. Honestly, just because it’s direct with its message, hardly means it’s treading new ground. People like to think “this will change everything” when it’s hardly a big deal to begin with.


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