[Halo 5 Bonus] Halo Nightfall’s Insurance Plan

halo: nightfall

Getting into the Halo 5: Guardians beta seems to be a pretty simple “achievement”. You buy Halo: The Master Chief Collection and you got it! So, you get to play the game before its done being developed and also help out a little while you get to experience some of the games tests and features but executive producers Dan Ayoub and Kiki Wolfkill have something a little different in mind. They want to take you further into the Halo universe and make sure you watch the live-action series ‘Halo Nightfall’ as well! So much so that they are offering to unlock vital content in the beta just from watching the series. Isn’t this kind of like holding the content hostage, though?

To round it all out, Master Chief Collection buyers will also gain access to a Halo 5 beta, which kicks off in December. That’ll in turn be tied into a larger Halo Channel on Xbox One, which will offer programming ranging from live streams to live-action series Halo: Nightfall—another strand of connective fiber between the larger Halo universe and Halo 5.

These aren’t your average ‘behind the scenes’ art works or unlocks, as they go on to explain. The content will be significant to the storyline; Nightfall will act as your preface to the whole Halo 5 experience.

Is this just an excuse to increase the show ratings or is it deeper than that?
Click Here to find out!

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