Half-Life 2 VR Is The Start Of Something Beautiful

Well, time to get started on another article.

You may remember a mod from a few years ago that rose to the surface and volunteered something pretty cool.

Yes, I’m talking about the Half Life 2 VR mod from 2013.Why am I bringing this up? Well, not just because I’m all about mods, but also because the mod is actually being Greenlit on Steam.

You may remember how they mod faded away into nothingness due to the lack of support for the Source engine with respect to VR equipment, thus the creators could not keep up with the updating software and the mod fell into oblivion.

But obviously they’re doing it now, but how?

Well, I don’t know. But somehow they made it happen. They now have it so they can update it to work with current headgear and have even been able to implement motion controls! The mod will also feature updated textures, effects, models, and maps along with a 3D interface meant for VR, “realistic weapon interactions”, and “multiple VR locomotion methods”. The best part? It’s free, of course, you have to have Half Life 2 installed.

You can check it all out here:
Official Half-Life 2: VR Page

This will now streamline into the part of the article where I say why this is really cool. Well, good for the community is a better choice of words here, and I’ll tell you why.

Gaming(believe it or not) is still in its infancy. It’s only been 30 something years since video games started becoming relevant (yes I’m basing it off of the NES timeline) and though we’ve made great strides, there’s always more to do.

That’s why you’ve gotta go back and look at these older games, if not only for nostalgia but for a glimpse into the evolution of gaming itself. Some games were really good for their time, however, technology has a way of making things completely irrelevantĀ in the span of about five minutes. That’s why it’s hard to look back because we’re always too busy looking forward to the next big thing.

This mod is a perfect example of a glance back, yeah the game was made over a decade ago, but the mark it left on the gaming community will be there forever, and you can’t expect fans of a stupidly successful video game to not take things farther than you would have ever before imagined. So we have this mod now, but what will it do?

It will take us back in time, and perhaps let us experience the joy of Half LifeĀ 2 in a completely different, yet utterly enjoyable, way. Where before you were behind the screen of a Windows XP desktop with 2GB of RAM, now you can fully immerse yourself in the story that started a movement.

I think this is something we should see more often. There are so many good 3D games that have come out over the past 2 decades, most if not all of them have faded into the past. Bringing VR into the equation could rekindle interest for these games, and perhaps draw a very large audience back to a game that was once really great.

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