H1Z1 Open World Gameplay Video You Haven’t Played a Zombie Game Like This!

H1Z1 Open World Gameplay Video

H1Z1 is looking to be a pretty intense real world Zombie Game. I have to say it reminds me a little like Minecraft where you are able to collect tons of stuff and craft weapons, shelters, and food. They will be running on a real 24 hour cycle with both benefits of going out at night and the day. I don’t see any problem with playing for hours and not getting bored with the gameplay. I personally love zombie games but H1Z1 open world gameplay is fantastic and stands above the horde.

Narrated by game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt, the video shows a developer playthrough of the demo originally presented at this year’s E3 conference. It gives a look at the massive open world, the weather system, and the crafting. This playthrough also shows, for the first time, combat using the bow and arrows.

H1Z1 is an MMO survival game about crafting, teamwork with other players, and exploration. SOE wants to tell its own story and create its own world with H1Z1, even though the developer acknowledges it is inspired by DayZ and The Walking Dead. [Continue Reading]

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