Guitar Hero Live Officially Announced!

gh live

Guitar Hero stole the hearts of both casual and serious gamers upon its release in 2005. Activision released six main games, three band-specific games, and three expansions between 2005 and 2010. The game originally focused on playing guitar and bass guitar, but eventually added drums and a microphone to some games (such as Band Hero) to compete with the Rock Band franchise. The game’s popularity began to get worn out by 2010, leaving fans with a five-year hiatus. After Rock Band 4 was announced in March, sources began leaving hints that a new Guitar Hero was also in the works.

Today, Activision officially announced that the newest addition to the Guitar Hero franchise will be Guitar Hero Live. The game is being developed by FreeStyleGames, the same rhythm game developer that did the DJ Hero franchise.

Activision has specified that the gaming experience for Guitar Hero Live will not be the same as previous Guitar Hero titles. The familiar multicolored buttons are gone and they have been replaced with three top keys and three bottom keys. The redesigned controller bears no resemblance to previous guitar controllers, which may not sit well with loyal Guitar Hero fans.

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