Gaming News Of the Week: Week 21

News of the Week 21

Well, here we are at the end of another week!

What do we have in store for the weekly roundup? Well, let me show you!

Scalebound may be homebound

You might remember that as the title of a recent article of mine. Yes, there is a slight possibility that the game that we have come to not expect and perpetually wish for will come back with a vengeance!

Microsoft actually renewed the rights to the game, but since Platinum Games left the partnership due to apparently being behind in production, It’s unclear¬†how Microsoft will complete the game (not that it wasn’t already close to completion).

Well, in this crazy world of video games you never know what might happen, so stay tuned for more information on that!

Link to article:
Scalebound May Be Homebound?

Xbox Game Pass

Yup, remember how EA did the thing with subscriptions a few years ago, what is it….EA Access?

Well, Microsoft is releasing their own version of that for Xbox One, the Xbox Game Pass. This service will allow users to subscribe for a low price of $9.99 a month to access an entire library of Xbox titles for an all-you-can-play model. As long as you keep the money flowing, the games will come easy. And the best part is, you don’t have to be an Xbox Live subscriber in order to use the service!

It’s available for Live users now though, and it will come later on June 1st for everyone else.

Link to article:
This New Service On XBox Will Keep You Playing For Years!

Beam = Mixer

Yeah, another Microsoft news bit.

Remember when Microsoft launched their own streaming service a little while ago? Well apparently some conversations went down at Micro-HQ that demanded the rebrand of the Twitch-for-Xbox service, and it will now be known as Mixer.

The service is also being overhauled so that it will include support for any device, as well as co-streaming, this cool little feature that will allow for up to four users at once to stream individual gameplay to one channel simultaneously. If that doesn’t get your eyeballs watering, I don’t know what will!

Link to article:
Microsoft’s Beam is now Mixer

Overwatch Contenders League

Since it came out, Overwatch has captured the hard drives of many casual and pro users. But it was the Overwatch League that really started to widdle down on one of those groups.

Due to the crazy prices placed in front of the League, Blizzard is now going to create a Contenders league that will allow for amateur and pro players alike to spend absolutely zero dollars to get a piece of the e-sport action that Overwatch so well delivers.

And it won’t be short of prize money either, with season zero paying out $50,000 in spoils and doubling that for season one.

Link to article:
New Overwatch Contenders League Is YOUR Chance To Go Pro

Well, that’s the news for the week. Some weeks are fast, some weeks are slow, this one was right on the money in terms of providing a steady stream of interesting news. Check out the links to the articles I wrote, and stay tuned for next week’s–

Gaming News Of the Week

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