Gaming News of the Week: Week 22

Well! Here we are at the end of another week…

Let’s have a rundown on what’s been going on this week:

Far Cry 5 Gets Co-op

That’s right! Everybody’s favorite wilderness exploration simulator is getting an actual full-fledged co-op mode that will span across the entire campaign!

This is as opposed to previous Far Cry games where the co-op would only be in side missions, this time you will be able to explore the entire island and play through the entire campaign with a friend.

Here’s the link to the article I wrote on it.


You know what they say about DRM:

If you can notice it, it’s a s****y DRM.

Anyways, RiME is going to contain Denuvo DRM, and Tequila Works has said that once it eventually gets cracked, they will release a DRM-free version of the game to buy. It’s not really clear why they’re including the DRM in the first place, but I’m thinking it’s a thing where they have to put it in to please the higher ups so they can say “See? We tried” which would explain why they’re so indifferent to the idea of it being cracked.

And I mean, DRM’s not really that bad anyways, when it’s done correctly it can be pretty awesome, like Steam.

Anyways, I talk more about that in my article here. Go check it out.


I couldn’t think of a good title for that.

Yeah, the developers behind the massively popular “Payday” series is making a new game, called GTFO.

It’s going to be a horror/first-person-shooter co-op game that’s going to have you fighting strings of ever-changing threats that will always keep you on your toes.

There’s no real information on the game yet, other than the name itself, but more info should come along soon.

Here’s the link to the article I wrote on it and what my expectations are.

Payback Feels So Good

Finally! Some more information about the upcoming Need for Speed game!

Like recent titles, the game will have a narrative, but the thing is that the campaign is actually geared more towards customization, which is the main character’s wet dream, rather than winning races which is the what you might think is the logical thing to do.

The game will be set in Fortune Valley, which is something of a spoof of Las Vegas, and in GTA style, you’ll play as three characters, each whom are trying to take down the main Cartel in the Valley, The House. You race to take them down and gain respect in the underground. You’ll be able to customize your ride to the max and bet on yourself to either win it all or lose everything.

There’s a trailer out, check it down below:


That’s all the news for this week. Things are shaping up and games are getting closer to their release, so check back in next week for more news in gaming!

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