Gamers are Violent Gun Freaks!

Considering the end of E3 and all the new “shooters” you have to wonder if the non-gamers have a good point. Is there too much violence in video games?

The mass shootings in recent years in Newtown, Conn. and Aurora, Colo., were both committed by young men who had regularly played first-person shooters… [Read More]

Let’s get my personal opinion out of the way so we can focus on the facts.

Violent video games are not a problem for a real gamer. When we put the controllers down, we do not pick up our guns. I have no desire to shoot or hurt any non-digital persons; I know that when the game is over that I’m not in any war or fighting real snarling aliens and I would like to believe that I am the “norm”. Just like when i am done playing madden, I know that I am not a football player.

What do the studies say?



The following excerpt is from an article published by the APA (American Psychological Association ) titled “The Benefits of Playing Video Games”:

Finally, video games seem to be associated with an additional cognitive benefit: enhanced creativity. New evidence is emerging that playing any kind of video game, regardless of whether or not it is violent enhances children’s creative capacities…. [Read More]

Furthering the argument, Twitch, which is known for publishing video game videos in a social atmosphere, conducted a study concluding:

gamers may lead more social lives than their non-gaming peers. [Read More]

So there is the answer… right? Video games improve cognitive thinking and shooter games particularly improve social cooperation!

Glad that’s settled! Phew… What’s that Dr. Pfenninger? Oh, violent video games increase aggressive behavior…

Studies continue to confirm our intuition and suspicion about the adverse effects of these violent video games on our youth. [Read More]

So what do they want from us gamers?

State Representative DebraLee Hovey’s answer was to propose a bill:

 that would require a warning label on “M” rated video games (suitable for ages 17 and up), and impose an additional sales tax on violent video games sold in Connecticut. Tax revenue received would go toward educating people about the effects of playing violent video games and recognizing signs of behavioral issues in children and young adults. [Read More]

The result? The bill did not pass…

The Sum Up…

We need more studies done by unbiased researchers. Gamers and non gamers alike!

– Niel DeSimone @ Gamer Demon



What do you think? How do we solve this problem? Is there a problem at all?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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