Gamers Are Better Educated, More Successful Than Non-Gamers



So now you can finally go and tell your mom, girlfriend, or wife to relax cause all this game playing is making me smarter, more sociable and career minded with goals.

I don’t know about you but I will be using this the next time someone tells me you need to stop playing all those d**n video games cause they’re rotting your brain.

A new study published by Twitch challenges many of the long-held stereotypes of gamers and shows that gamers may lead more social lives than their non-gaming peers and gamers are better educated.

The report shows that, among the people polled:

  • 57% of gamers think that their friends are the most important parts of their lives, as opposed to 35% of non-gamers;
  • 67% of gamers feel positively about their career aspirations, while only 48% of non-gamers feel positively;
  • 45% of gamers feel that they are working in the career they desired, as opposed to only 37% of non-gamers;
  • 76% of gamers believe that it is important to have a positive impact on society, contrasted with only 55% among non-gamers;
  • 61% of gamers use tablets, while only 29% of non-gamers do.

A section of the study also details how gamers are increasingly turning to online platforms to be social, and, according to the report, “[Twitch] is the social platform where they gather.”

Tell us what you think! I would like to hear from all you guys on this one…

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