[Gamer Tips] The ProGamer Advantage!

The claw is a game controller position designed to make you faster in button pressing and moving by shortening finger movement; keeping them as close to the original position as possible. Though most gamers say that they’ve gotten used to the position, others go a different route by buying specialize controllers or mods.

ps3 the claw

Today I wanted to go over a couple of devices made to help you improve your gameplay. We will be talking about a few different things but I will try to focus on the devices and mods that ARE NOT considered cheating. Basically, anything that adds rapid fire or macros is frowned upon and will disqualify you from any competition. Gamers are expected to have a certain skill and timing; so, the mods that I want to talk about will help you reach buttons quicker.

Fair warning though, they may have a little learning curve.

All of the items that are featured here are available for the PS4, XBone, XBox 360, and PS3. I’m not going to turn this into a pitch fest, all these products have their strengths and weaknesses and we are not selling any of them but we will tell you what websites to get them from at the end of this article.

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