GameCube Controller Adapter Announced for Wii U

I love backwards compatibility, this is definitely a good way to get me interested in a system. The fact that Nintendo is still supporting a controller from 3 systems ago tells me that they put a lot of effort in designing a quality controller. We all know what happened to the N64 controller after playing with it constantly for a couple of months.

The analog stick ended up looking like you took some sandpaper to it and if you were a COMPLETE beast with it, the tension would be loose and James Bond would infinitely have restless leg syndrome! This was just a growing pain though. It was the first controller of it’s kind and I think the issue was resolved in the GameCube’s more simplistic controller.

Anyways, I love this adapter but are they still making GameCube controllers?

Nintendo has revealed that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be playable with GameCube controllers when it releases this winter. A USB GameCube controller adapter has been revealed, allowing you to hook up to four wired controllers for use with Super Smash Bros.

When asked about Wavebird compatibility, and function with other Nintendo Wii U games, such as Mario Kart 8, here is what Nintendo had to say.

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