What is the Future of Video Games?

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Technology is being advanced at a constantly increasing rate.

We never know for sure how technology is going to look like in the future, but companies, specifically the gaming companies, are always trying to accelerate the process further by predicting what could be the next big thing in video games. Whether it’s a new game with weird new graphics or a new control system, or it’s a console with a bunch of features no one knew they wanted, or if it’s an addon or a brand new concept in general that could change the way people perceive video games.

There have been many benchmarks of revolution since the dawn of video games, and each one brought forth a new era of enjoyment. There was the jump from 8-bit graphics to 16-bit graphics which added so many more options for drawing objects and sprites, then there was the jump from 2D to 3D graphics which added an entire dimension to the game making process and even more possibilities in level design and character movement. There was also the movement to switch all the controlling of a game to pure motion, first with the Wii in 2006 and then again with the Kinect and Playstation Move when Sony and Microsoft decided to try and piggyback the glory of Nintendo. But then when people saw that motion was most definitely not the future, Oculus popped up and started advertising their mission to create the Rift, an entirely new gaming experience based in Virtual Reality.

Cut to present day…

This is where we are now. In the midst of an era where people now think that VR is the future, just like they did with motion controls and the previous benchmarks. And even through the advancements prior to motion could be deemed necessary and successful, unlike motion controls, they are still up there with the things that changed the face of gaming if not forever then at least for a while. The question here is, is VR really the thing that’s going to change it all up forever?

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  1. VR is not a fad. It has been dreamt about for decades. Back when Lawnmower Man came out, everyone was praying for the tech to become reality. I’ve played Elite Dangerous in VR and…WOW! The immersion is intense. VR is only just getting started.

  2. Sold my ps4 and bought a HTC vive, haven’t regretted it at all, yes it’s in its infancy but can’t play 2d games anymore, get bored straight away, it’s the difference between watching a sport and playing in it

    • What’s prices have to do with it? I I’ve gamed for years and find 2d gaming boring, I used to play for hours and now find it hard to keep my attention on it, but I sold my ps4 and bought a vive, yes with some extra cash with it, but the point was how much more immersive it is playing it, not comparing costings

    • Lol I’m sure no one is actually reading the post…it’s about vr being a fad, not about how much things cost, I never once said that I sold my ps4 and bought a vive with the exact money, yes a ps4 is £200ish and a vive is £700, but that’s not the point, but we’re not talking money, we’re talking vr..give it a couple years and the prices will come down and the tech will only get better…so no it’s not a fad.

  3. VR is not a fad.

    This is the wrong question. The right question is “has VR reached the point where it’s capable of doing what people actually want from it at a cost they’re willing to pay?”

    For me the answer is “I don’t think so, not yet”. The field of view is too small, and the cost is too high.

    But eventually it will be like digital photography, killing the Polaroid and disposable cameras, or phone cameras replacing proper cameras for regular people.

    It’s just a matter of when the tech will be good enough to achieve widespread adoption.

    Same with AR.

    • I sort of agree with most of your post, it’s not even mainstream yet, being way too expensive and really not quite good enough (from what I read). However I don’t think VR will ever ‘take over’ from normal screens. Same as 3D TV, a lot of people simply don’t want it, they don’t want to wear even minimal special eye-wear to simply watch stuff or play games..

    • I don’t think regular TV’s will stop being a thing. But I do think that like cameras, they’ll be less common than phones with cameras built in.

      I expect you’ll eventually see a tv or so in a house, and then several sets of VR visors for people around the house, as a fairly common setup.

      Particularly among younger people, when theyre good enough and accessible enough.

    • Haha it was just like 3D, I remember the Virtual Boy, it was big, then it wasn’t big, it crashed and burned hard much like 3D. However…, the guy that created all the best games of my life, is current at the forefront of the Oculus so… I succumbly agree it can be successful with Carmack at the helm. But in general, I figure most of VR will be largely unsuccessful due to how poorly games are developed, excluding the Oculus because it is high end VR Gaming.

    • I really do think there will eventually be VR that is worth buying. However, I don’t think it’s here yet. Current VR just doesn’t give me what I’m looking for for high end immersion, and it’s too expensive for cheap immersion.

      If there was fairly cheap VR, I could see a case for it for kids/teens in a house – as a visual equivalent to headphones. They can watch whatever, and hear whatever, in their own little world, without bothering the rest of the house with noise.

  4. vr is crap by now it should at least be playable cut scene graphics but no actually the exact same graphics the only game over seen is on the occulus that makes me wanna try vr but until they show me realistic graphics I’ll stick to my ps4..

  5. I 100 percent disagree with his comments about VR not being good !! It is absolutely amazing and I cannot stop using it . Actually being in the game your playing adds a whole new feel of excitement and atmosphere that you can’t get in regular gaming . This guy obviously has not tried VR lol

    • No, I actually have. And I agree, it is really cool, my point wasn’t that it’s bad, my point was that the tech simply isn’t there yet for it to become bigger than it is right now. In like 20 years hopefully VR can capture everyone’s hopes and dreams, but for now it’s kind of a gimmick.

  6. Currently, VR is kind of lame and too expensive for what you get. I don’t think it’s a fad at all though. Hopefully it goes in the direction of full immersion eventually, if it’s even possible.

  7. This is like asking are screens a fad. Kind of moot as vr is just a screen and people use screens all the time for everything. AR and holographics are the only thing that can move us forward, and that is just VR with see through glasses or contacts.

  8. I love the pro and VR combo rush of blood is awesome batman was fantastic just short, surgeon was hallarious, I expect you to die was alot of fun, I can’t wait for star trek bridge command, I am still hoping for red dead vr that would be awesome

  9. VR is for siming (racing, flying, space) but their is no other style of gaming that need VR. They try to push VR on other game and it wont work because what people want for other games is the sensation to be there. RPG and shooter you have to move around and VR at the moment is not for that. If you play any game that you are in a cockpit VR will make sense other then that their is no real reason for VR at this point.

    • RPG games could be amazing in vr if they just get away from the idea that you need to walk miles and miles to get everywhere and just have a quick travel map system. All types of games can work in vr they just need to change

    • I kind of agree, look at the Fire Emblem franchise for starters, how could you manage all your units in VR, the only way i could see vr being incorporated is just looking at the map in a birds eye view being able to look around the map but even then whats the point?

    • you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about!!
      There’s tons of Archery games, FPS, wave shooters, boxing, artistic stuff “visual and audio”. Look up Rec Room. amazing social games and lobby! Loot at Alt Space.. it’s a great social app with Ted Talk like seminars, High tech meeting rooms, Rave Nights. There’s also a whole slew of other traditional games but rendered in 3d to play in a seated position.

  10. VR has too many limits to overtake regular gaming. Most of us just want to chill in front of a screen with some food and a drink and interact with people while gaming. Something you cannot do in VR. It is fun every so often but not something I could use on a regular basis. Look how long TV has gone without many changes. If it works you don’t need to fix it.

    • You can’t interact with people while gaming in vr? Well for one thing you can. But you can also interact with people in a whole different country inside vr. It can be even more social you just need the vr computer screen on a TV and use speakers not headphones and then you’re not so datached from the other people in the room. There’s also a few local multiplayer vr games

    • Graeme Evans guess what, you can also interact with people in different countries using psn and xbox live and steam.

      real talk, I couldn’t give 2 s***s about vr because that just me. part of that is also vr gives me motion sickness. but in my OPINION, nothing will ever beat sitting on the couch with your friends, some beer and pizza with a controller in your hand sitting in front of a tv screen. when I think video games, I don’t want to live it, I just want to play. honestly I don’t even feel scorpio is needed. I feel games should stay where they are now, forget 4k.

    • Steven Zwiesler You sound like an old man. How many games do you own that are actually local multiplayer?? Yeh.. like doing the split screen thing when you can barely see what’s going on?? Couch gaming with friends died when developers got lazy. VR is in its infancy and it’s already mind blowing!

    • I’ve had numerous Vive sessions with groups of people and a single Vive, that have been far, far more social than any single gaming experience I’ve ever had. It’s really fun watching people play VR games! I consider regular gaming to be much more limiting on the social factor.

  11. We saw a glimpse of where technology is heading. VR is early still so it’s still getting there and i still feel holographic technology may be on the horizon. It’ll be interesting to see where things go over the next five or so years.

    • people that don’t care too much about what they look like? anyone who’s actually tried it dismisses anyone judging them, it’s awesome.

      and if you set it up properly you don’t need to see what’s going on around you

  12. The thing is, there have been plenty of innovations over the years that have fallen flat because the console companies don’t know how to market them.

    The NES (3rd generation) had the light gun, the 4th gen had the SuperScope (SCES) and Menacer (MegaDrive/Genisis) with no incentives for game studios to make games for them; they were content to make games people already had the equipment for. Customers who had bought them had no new games to play on them, more cautious people, who decided to wait, weren’t going to buy them because no compatible games were coming out.

    Fast Forward 20 years to the 7th generation; Nintendo bring out the Wii; the innovative peripheral has replaced the tradition joypad, so everybody who buys one already has pretty much all they need.

    Microsoft try to catch up with the kinnect for the X360 and Sony bring out the move for the PS3. But, once again, very few games are made compatible with these. Admittedly, when the 8th gen consoles arrive Xbox had decided to include it as part of the X1’s console, but by this time nobody is interested anymore.

    Meanwhile, the Move is the PERFECT accoutrement for the PSVR but this isn’t made clear and people are put off by having to pay for another extra on top of the console and headset’s asking price.

    Whoever games companies hire for marketing are either hampered by a nonsensical hierarchy within their respective companies, or just plain SUCK at their jobs and have done for almost 40 years, now.

  13. anyone who owns a vive will tell you it’s not a fad! had mine 9 months and still when I get chance to go on, I’m blown away how good it is. what’s going to take time is for it to become mainstream.

  14. STREAMING all our games is the future like nvidia shield. We are all waiting on 1GB internet to become mainstream so we can wave goodbye to heavy clunky consoles forever!

  15. Love it hoe 90% of the comments here are from ppl who havent tired it and dont even know anything bout or cant afford it but i guess everyone is entitled to a opinion

  16. For anyone that has a vr they know it’s no fad, it is a great start and Sony did a top job. As for the future it’s a way off. Sony have clearly stated there will be no new gen headset the is it. So it’s got a long way to go we’ve not seen the best out of it yet

  17. Console use to be custom hardware with a 7 to 10 years life span, now they are ultra cheap AMD computer with “refresh” every 2 to 3 years. They are not needed anymore and have no reason to exist (except for illegal DRM reasons). VR is not a fad, except when company release cheap imitation (AKA: PSVR). The problem with VR is that is was marketed in reverse. It target home first and now is making it’s way into Arcade. Typically arcades where place one would have a gaming experience that was not possible at home (high end specialized hardware). But it when straight home first because there no Arcade network anymore.

    VR as a future… i can’t see my self only playing “regular” game now.

    • I’ve tried vr it’s amazing and cool but if I bought it I know it would just collect dust it’s not something most would even use a lot and most games I love and play don’t even support it so no need for me to care I’ll probably be one of the few that end up making it die off lol

    • you’d be surprised!!
      I bought an HTC vive.. played for a month.. then I let it sit.. I decided to give it a shot again a couple months ago and I’ve been on it every night now. With Social games like Rec Room or multiplayer games like Raw Data.. the games become much more engaging and less lonely lol.
      the VR paintball or Quest game in REC Room are so addictive and fun. The user base are a lot friendlier than the annoying Halo shitheads.

    • Tim Rogue Fejzullai, did I just hear you say PC isn’t needed? Are you actually brain damaged? Everything nowadays is done using computers. Self service checkouts, offices, programming, film making, advertising, your phone is a PC now, your console is a PC, designed to perform a certain task. You’re actually f*****g special if you think consoles have anything on PC.
      consoles and their games are made using PC’s. F*****g educate yourself.

  18. I think VR is the next step, we’re still very much in the early stages, when ps1, ps2 came out did we think then, that it could get better, probably not as quick as it has, but we have and it is still getting better.
    VR will in time get better and better, and I had a go on VR set on Holiday playing down zombie game and it was amazing, now it was top of the range and it would cost a small fortune for most gamers, but so does every new item, but in time I think it will become the norm, and I reckon with in next 5 years we will all have VR with our systems

  19. Vr is a fad for typical gaming. Most gamers would have a heart attack after running for 10 minutes. Try a fast paced shooter where you need to be running and most will play one round and go back to their controller. Vr will make great gains only for the simulators as it puts you in the seat. I remember kids saying the Wii takes too much energy and that was just using your hands.

  20. It is at the prices they’re asking.

    Get the price down and VR and gaming go together hand in hand forevermore.

    The day I get a Vive or an Oculus Rift and start using it with X-Plane will be an awesome day in world history.

  21. I just hope that regular gaming is also considered alongside VR in the future. I don’t know about others but my eyesight isn’t the best. Even with glasses my left eye is probably 33% (if that) of a healthy eye, I cannot read this writing if I close my right eye, so VR looking at two independent images to create the 3d effect will not work for me as well as many other people out there I’m sure.

  22. I’d say VR is merely an ‘alternative’. A monitor or Television will always be better for most gamers, but VR does have its place within the industry.

    I’d say it’s like any other early technology at the moment, it’s just too expensive for the average person. Like the first flat screens with eye-watering prices, VR will go down in price and will become more affordable.

  23. Too early to say. Give it five, ten, fifteen years or so and it will advance so far, it should become like a pair of glasses. (Just like hololens but without the augmented reality holograms) Completely wireless with realistic imagery. Or just imagine watching a movie you like but being inside of it, but not interacting with it. (VE: Virtual Entertainment)

  24. VR/AR is most definitely NOT a fad. it’s actually the future of gaming!
    Go to LA this weekend for the VRLA exhibition., 170 exhibitors and growing every year!!!
    If you’re not convinced… imagine playing your favorite game.. Now imagine literally being IN that game. or at least in a super immersive way to play! Playing a FPS in VR is 100X more engaging. I think VR will really pick up once wireless is the standard!

  25. Why does the image stretch around at 360 degrees… I mean, its not like we have eyes in the back of our heads. Even our peripheral vision doesn’t need that much fov… The screen door effect makes reading hard…

  26. depends what you play a good % of everyone i play with have VR but i play dcs and assetto corsa and vr in them makes them a million times better and cockpit sim games is what vr is good at so for me at lest its worth its cost i will never go back to 2d tv gaming in sims

  27. Future of gaming will be like Netflix. You subscribe and get multiple games. Probably won’t go to a store to buy games much longer. Controllers all cordless and just zap to a sensor on your TV. Only my guess

  28. VR will be the future in my opinion, Playstation already incorporated into there system, i believe Microsoft will do as well with Xbox and PC (PC is Oculous) and many other platforms like Phones, Samsung for example, and it’s really being pushed. Needs more developers in the game and to invest and it will be a thing of the future, but like it’s been mentioned before, it’s a thing in the early stages yet.

  29. Vr is a fad. Just like bell bottoms. 4K resolution. Auto pilot cars. Technology comes and goes. Oh you thought you was top notch when bought that 4K 55″ UHD TV for $2000? That is only $800? Why waste money om things that become obsolete in less than a year. Feel good for a couple months than later regret your choices lmao. What’s new is old and what’s old becomes new. Y2K is sooner than you think.

  30. V.r is a fad unless your one of the early adopters that paid a ton to have it then its the next big thing just like 3d movies at the theater just like DVD HD DVD vhs betamax haha smart TVs 3d phones 3d TV

  31. the future is pc gaming. nowaday theyr is no use for console that you need to buy then buy gae for hit them have to pay to play online and some game need some monthly paiment too so the future is pc gaming witouht any fuckinf fee

  32. It isn’t a fad. It is here to stay and will become more established within the next 3-5 years. This will be in part due to enhanced tech, cheaper price point and being more common place for ease of access to sample.


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