[Follow Up] Oculus Is Designing A Controller??

Lets face it, with big companies like Facebook and Google trying to get in on the newest VR technology, it is a simple forecast that VR is going to be it’s own huge industry. In our last Oculus article we mentioned something about a surprise announcement from the Oculus team! Could it be that surprise is that Oculus is designing a controller?

Photo Source: Oculus Rift: From Kickstarter Darling to Facebook Acquisition
Photo Source: Oculus Rift: From Kickstarter Darling to Facebook Acquisition

Designers, game enthusiast, and developers alike are all looking for a controller solution that will make our VR immersion a little more seamless. There are already a few Kickstarters for some pretty cool controller designs.

Be careful with these links, they are addicting… it’s a slippery slope, my friend:

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So the question remains, will Oculus 1-up them all?

In a recent interview with Polygon, it is implied that the question is not “IF” the company will make the controller,powerglove it is more of a question of “WHEN”. I think it is safe to assume that the answer is soon, considering that they acquired the company that designed the XBox 360 controller and Kinect. (more on that here)

We all want VR to succeed and hardware devs need to stay away from the gimmicks that we’ve all wasted money on.

My advice to Oculus is to market it like the Power Glove but make it ACTUALLY be awesome!

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