Five Games We’re Excited to See Coming for the Switch!


Nintendo’s been developing games for 40 years!

And I thought this would be a great opportunity to go over some games that we’re stoked to see coming out for the insane portable console!

So let’s get right into it:


The last game to come out that was centered around the lovable cooing dinosaur was Yoshi’s Wooly World for the Wii U. While in that game you entered a world full of yarn, this upcoming Yoshi game will have more of a Paper Mario feel when you’re thrust into a world of cardboard dioramas. You’ll romp through each level chucking eggs and changing the perspective to interact with objects that are both in the foreground and background, while also having the ability to flip the stage around so you can go through it seeing the other side!

It’s really making me look at Yoshi games from a different side (heh).

No release date’s been set yet, but it’ll be sometime in 2018.


Do you have the feeling that every Sonic game to come out in recent years has just been a disappointment?

Well, the winds may be changing for the blue guy, as Sega is going to release Sonic Mania this August 15 for basically every available platform, including the Switch, of course.

But what’s so different about this one? Well, perhaps the fact that it’s been developed to be a trip down memory lane, with it being a classic 16-bit style side scroller. The game will feature Sonic himself, Tails, and Knuckles as playable characters as you race through all-new zones (and reimagined ones too!) using Sonic’s new drop-dash ability, Tails’ flying…well…tails, and Knuckles’ excellent climbing skills to defeat the Eggman once for all (or just again…they’ll never stop making these).

Will it have enough gall to not enrage Sonic fans everywhere? Well, we’ll figure that out soon!


No, your eyes do not deceive you, there actually is an actual Kirby game coming out for a Nintendo console!

It’s been years since we’ve seen him on the big screen, he even completely skipped over the Wii U after releasing Kirby’s Return to Dreamland on the Wii back in 2011, but this self-titled adventure will be sure to bring a smile back on your face as you romp through each stage, swallowing anything that can give you power, a sword, bombs, fire, you’ve got it all (as well as that interesting rolling technique you can perform with four players!)

No date has been set for this game either, but again, we’ll see it sometime in 2018.


I wish I could tell you more about what this game is or what it’ll be like, but as the trailer shows, the only thing I can tell you is a name.

But despite that, we do know that it’s going to be the fourth game in the Prime series, most likely making it an FPS-style game set like the first three.

On top of that, this game is actually not being developed by Retro, who has developed the Prime games up until this point. So we really don’t have much of a clue as to what we should expect come its release probably sometime next year. As the trailer says, it’s ‘in development’.


You had to know that this one was on the list!

You have to expect that any Mario game being put out by Nintendo, is going to be huge, and that still rings true for the Mario 64/Sunshine style game that’s coming out this fall!

Travel the globe with your trusty companion, Cappy, as you run, climb, stomp, transform, and crush the Broodels (the evil wedding planners) and save Princess Peach from making the biggest mistake of her life: Marrying Bowser.

Out of all these games, this is the one we have the most info about right now, and we even have a definitive release date set for October 27th!

I don’t think there’s any way that this game won’t be absolutely incredible, so put on your hats, and get ready for the best stomping of your life!


Those are five games that we’re excited to see coming for the Switch!

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